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inkaway Q-Switched Nd:YAG Tattoo Removal Laser

inkaway Q-Switched Nd:YAG Tattoo Removal Laser (2)

Zap away terrible tattoos in a flash (and make big £££ money, fast)

The laser that works, but doesn’t cost the earth, surprising results are what it is about.

When it comes to laser medicine the most important questions is – ‘does it work?’.
If the answer is no, then say no more. Fortunately, when it comes to laser tattoo removal and the inkaway, the answer is a resounding YES!

PUBLISHED 05 Apr 2016

Tattoo Removal – The Hidden Costs

It seems as though everyone has a tattoo these days. However, not everyone is happy with their ink, something you surely know well. Whatever the client’s reason for having a tattoo removed, whether a poor choice or a poor job, you as a business owner must provide a service that delivers excellent results, meets their expectations (if not exceeds them) and results in favourable word-of-mouth recommendations for your clinic or salon.

Our popular laser tattoo removal machine delivers just that. Affordable and delivering a fast, powerful beam of light to a small target area to effectively remove unwanted ink, the inkaway Nd:YAG Laser is the laser tattoo removal machine you’ve been looking for.


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