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soniXsmooth hifu facelifting cartridge

Sonixsmooth Hifu treatment delivers non-invasive skin tightening and face lifting treatments using specialised hifu cartridges.

Hifu is high intensity focused ultrasound is the latest in anti-ageing hifu treatments delivering amazing results in non surgical skin tightening, the results look to drop your age by up to 10 years.

With face and body treatments carried out by specialised hifu cartridges, each of which target an alternate depth to give a different result.




The sonixsmooth cartridges come with different depths: 

sXs-10 - 1.5mm depth - Papillary layer.

Targets the upper dermis layer is known as the papillary layer.

causes collagen regeneration in this layer which helps to reduce fine line wrinkles and help tighten pores.


sXs-8 - 3.0mm depth - Reticular layer.

Targets the upper dermis layer is known as the reticular layer.

treatments in this layer stimulate collagen regrowth to reduce wrinkles and give a plumping effect. 


sXs-4 - 4.5mm depth - Fascia (SMAS)

Treats a layer between the muscle and the subcutaneous, normally termed as SMAS but is called fascia layer. 

typically only reached during invasive facelifts stimulating this layer with soniXsmooth causes coagulation which in turn it tightens gives natural tighter looking skin.  





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