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Limited Time Trade-In Programme


Here at High Profile Technologies (HPT), we want to help your business thrive, trading in your old, Outdated or even broken equipment is how we start.

Then one of our Advisors will come and meet with you, give your machine an Inspection & value, more so they will give you the best recommendation for your business.




You can trade in any cosmetic machine from a lynton laser to a AW3 ipl machine, we accept all.   



Will We Take Your Machine?

We will accept any machine; it can be branded or a cheap laser from China. Essentially HPT will be paying you for equipment you would otherwise be happy to get rid of.

But an example of the branded machines we regularly receive is;


For Soprano SHR machines, diode lasers and the ice platinum we will give you up to £3000.
Ellipse SPT+ machines and ipl hair removal machines.
Easily sell your aw3 ipl machine.
As skinFirst are no longer trading we will buy and upgrade your MPL maxi plus ipl machine.

Soprano SHR Machines
Soprano Diode Laser Machine
Soprano Ice & Ice Platinum
Ellipse Laser Hair Removal Machine
Ellipse SPT+ Machines
Ellipse IPL Systems
All White 3000
AW3 Laser Hair Removal Machine
AW3 Flash 1 Hair Removal
All White Laser Elight Machine
SkinFirst IPL Hair Removal Laser
Skin First MPL Maxi Plus
Skin First Professional IPL




Along With Many Different
Suppliers & Machines.

Some of the suppliers & equipment are;


 Lynton Professional Laser & IPL
Ellipse Laser Machines
Natura Studios Hair Removal Machines
Cosmedico Laser Hair Removal Systems
All White 300 Laser IPL Machines
3D Lipo Cosmetic Machines





If you're interested, click on the form and fill in your details, an advisor will contact you for more information.

Want More Information?

about trading in your old salon equipment, please fill out the form below to arrange a call back.

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Do you receive less of a package
under the trade-in programme?

you receive the same as every other customer.

Which includes:
2 Years Equipment Warranty
12 Months Onsite Servicing
Certified Training For 4 Delegates
Training Materials; Consultation Packs, Parameters, Client Information etc.
On-going Training / Treatment Support
Marketing Materials & Support




The FLO is a pain-free ipl laser hair removal machine.
Infinity is a professional diode laser hair removal machine.
Inkaway is a Q-switch Nd YAG tattoo removal laser form the UK.


Hair Removal

FLO IPL offers pain-free & ultra-fast hair removal treatments, delivering a full body treatment in just 1 hour.

Diode Laser

Hair Removal

Infinity is a diode laser, delivering 808nm output, which is proven to be the best wavelength for permanent hair removal.

Tattoo Removal


inkaway targets areas of tattoo ink and uses photo-acoustic energy to vibrate & smash the ink into microscopic particles.




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