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Most people fear ghosts and ghouls;

Salon owners fear swindling suppliers!


Some find you are beauty shows like professional beauty north,

but there are good suppliers there too.


Do you feel unappreciated by your current supplier?

It's common for people in our industry to feel taken for granted and used for their money from small to some of the larger suppliers.

Make your suppliers work for your interest.


If you visited Olympia or professional beauty you can see the pressure selling techniques used by salon suppliers.

Been to the recent beauty shows?

It's great to visit shows like 'Olympia Beauty' & 'Professional Beauty', to see suppliers and the new products/technologies.

For example, diode laser hair removal equipment though been around for a while is an in-demand product.
We visited the show and spoke to many suppliers; the typical leasing costs were;

Competitors | From

£800 - £1600

per month

Infinity Diode | From


per month§

Experience says not to purchase large equipment at these shows; it's about making sound financial decisions;

Never make quick decisions
If a supplier is giving you all reasons to buy there and then at the show, take a step back and think about it.

Change Roles
When thinking about how this choice will impact you, think about the motivation of the supplier to sell this while at the show.

Get The Data
We always advise that you do your homework on suppliers, treatments & the demand from customers.
First of all the equipment needs to supply a treatment that works and is profitable.
You then need to find a supplier with a track record, who can work with you and deliver the support you need.

Instead of spending up to £1600 per month for a diode laser hair removal, you can get an infinity for £365.27 +VAT 



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The FLO is a pain-free ipl laser hair removal machine.
Infinity is a professional diode laser hair removal machine.
Inkaway is a Q-switch Nd YAG tattoo removal laser form the UK.


Hair Removal

FLO IPL offers pain-free & ultra-fast hair removal treatments, delivering a full body treatment in just 1 hour.

Diode Laser

Hair Removal

Infinity is a diode laser, delivering 808nm output, which is proven to be the best wavelength for permanent hair removal.

Tattoo Removal


inkaway targets areas of tattoo ink and uses photo-acoustic energy to vibrate & smash the ink into microscopic particles.



HPT is a supplier you can trust!

1. HPT is over 10 years old; we're well established and experienced
2. Our first ever sold machines are still operating and delivering results
3. If you have a technical issue, an engineer will be able to talk to you within two hours, if needs be can be at your premises within three working days
4. Want simple or complex treatment advice, contact your trainer directly

Been caught out before?

Do you feel like you've made mistakes in the past when buying equipment - errors that weren't your fault?
Have you been sold a machine with a full warranty, only to discover that as soon as something breaks, it's not covered in the warranty? Even when in warranty, maybe it takes two weeks to get your machine looked at, and a further month to "repair" it. You're not alone!

For this reason, we have created the part exchange programme



Hear It From Our Customers

We go above and beyond to make sure our customers are satisfied with our provided service, take it from them:


"The team at High Profile Technologies have been quick to respond and eager to help from day one. Never had a bad experience with them. They're always just a call away when I need them."

Michelle at Skin Pro Laser Solutions


"Whenever I need assistance, the guys and girls are always there to help. They provide a very good service the HPT team is lovely."

Amie at Rock Chic


"I rarely have many issues with my machine, but when they I do they are handled quickly and well. They let me courier the machine myself instead of paying for delivery when I was out of warranty. I feel valued as a customer."

Elena from WOW Clinic


* Facts and Figures are taken from a multitude of suppliers, non-specific target.
§ Price stated is +VAT, it is based on no deposit, over 60 monthly payments as Tier 1 finance.


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