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LiteFLO intense pulsed light shr machine



Full Body Hair Removal In Minute With LiteFLO IPL

The brand new LiteFLO IPL treatment means that ever more popular full body laser hair removal treatment is done in minutes, with no pain and is as simple as gliding the handset over the skin.  This is turning out to be something that both clients and operators love – it’s fast, friendly and effective!





what is liteFLO IPL? it is pain free hair removal treatment

What is LiteFLO IPL?

No one wants painful laser and IPL hair removal, thanks to a new machine they don’t have to…

This incredible new form of IPL delivers multiple shots per second. Standard IPL delivers the whole of the light energy that is required in a couple of pulses, this poses a greater risk of unwanted skin damage such as blisters and burns, LiteFLO on the other hand delivers the same or higher energy over more pulses which allows the skin to stay below a critical level where damage can be cause and also allows for the target treatment to be delivered effectively.

LiteFLO technology redefines the way that IPL hair removal treatment is carried out.  It’s now possible to deliver an entire treatment just by skimming the handset across the surface of the treatment area.  A light-based hair removal treatment will now take seconds, reducing a session by as much as 85% compared to previous typical treatment time.

The speed and efficiency of the treatment is almost impossible to imagine if you’re used to traditional equipment and needs to be seen to be appreciated.  Full legs, or the ever-more popular full body treatments, are now a quick lunch-time session for the client, rather than an epic event, and the treatment is finished before the operator’s hand has had a chance to feel tired.




Kinder to skin, tougher on unwanted hair – pain-free

In addition to quick session times the LiteFLO technology promises faster results and less harm to surrounding skin tissue.  The treatment is much gentler than standard ‘stop-start’ hair removal, but delivers the light-energy many times, incredibly quickly to repeatedly push up the temperature of the unwanted hair follicle but leave the skin tissue relatively cool.

This means that treatment is safer, as there is less chance of skin damage through excess heat, but also that treatment is pretty much sensation-free too.  Unlike a traditional delivery where the client accepts that to remove unwanted hair they are going to have to feel pain, the LiteFLO delivers a treatment that goes almost undetected by the client.

The lowered risk of overheating the skin tissue allows the operator to safely deliver more light energy to the unwanted hair, which will increase the success of the treatment and the client will see rapid reduction across the treatment course.

pain free hair removal is affordable from certified clinics




intelipulse uses diode laser technology mixed with the best ipl machine technology


The InteliPulse allows the user to shape the waveform of the shot of light, with millisecond accuracy. Firstly this allows the shot to be set to its optimum form having it’s best possible effect on the target. Secondly the waveform is adjusted to cause minimum effect on the surrounding tissue, aiding safety and comfort.


icycle is a skin contact cooling technology for laser hair removal treatments


The iCycle system offers continuous cooling of the capacitors, the bulb and handset as well as the client’s skin. The skin temperature is reduced using cooling of -40C to protect it from reaching critical threshold. This allows more light energy to be delivered for a better effect on target, while aiding safety and comfort.


shr machine technology was derived from the liteflo machine

Single Second

The Tri capacitors of InteliBrite systems provide stable power, unlike a single capacitor system. By using the capacitors in sequence a stable, peak power shot of light is delivered every single second until treatment is complete. This allows faster treatment, more reliable results and increases reliability and safety of the device.


pain free hair reduction treatments are now faster then ever


The LiteFLO system evolved how InteliBrite treatment is delivered. It allows the handset to constantly glide across the skin without stopping, delivering treatment as it goes. Treatment takes 80% less time, is gentler on the skin, residual energy provides even better results and the treatment is completely painless.





What is Intense Pulse Light (IPL)?

Intense Pulsed Light also termed as IPL is based on emitting high intensity pulses of light to penetrate the skin. This allows such treatments as Hair Removal and Photo rejuvenation to be performed.


Is LiteFLO IPL treatment painful?

The sensation of pain from a standard IPL comes from the skin's temperature being taken above its critical level. Think about it, your hair follicle does not have feeling, it does not hurt when you have your hair cut, so why should killing a hair follicle hurt either? LiteFLO is based on a principal known as 'Thermal Relaxation Time',


How does IPL remove hair?

The Intense Light penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the Melanin in the hair. This absorption treats the hair, with the heat being transported to the nourishment structure of the hair (follicle). This is heated to 80°C for a millisecond, thus destroying the follicle. Hundreds of follicles are destroyed by each flash, and the hairs then fall out in 1-2 weeks.






LiteFLO Intense Pulsed Light Theory

InteliBrite equipment provides broad-spectrum, multi-wavelength light in every single shot.  Unlike a single wavelength delivery this offers greater versatility, increases the treatment outcome of each shot and allows the treatment to be applied to a range of different targets.

The wave-form of light is set with incredibly accuracy (to the millisecond) using the InteliPulse system and is timed to cause maximum effect on the target but minimum damage to surrounding tissues. The InteliPulse is so accurate that it allows InteliBrite devices to deliver up to a staggering 50 J/cm2 of light energy per individual shot. Each shot of light is spread across a specific surface area, to ensure fast coverage while maintaining excellent outcome. The diffusion of the light from an InteliBrite means that it’s safer to use than other, more traditional laser equipment.

skin cross section for the best intense pulsed light shr machine




 LiteFLO - IPL Hair Removal

The most popular of all InteliBriteFLO+ treatments. The hair follicle is targeted and destroyed by the smooth glide of light energy, regrowth is disabled. Skin is left smooth and free from hair.

LiteFLO technology is a new innovation which delivers IPL hair removal by skimming the applicator gently over the surface of the skin.  This means that both large and small areas of unwanted hair are treated in minutes – a full body treatment is easily completed in less than a 1 hour session.



LiteFLO - IPL Melanin Pigmentation

Melanin stains causing unwanted discolouration on the skin are targeted. Typical examples are sun damage, age spots and freckles. The targeted light energy destroys the pigmentation to leave clear, even skin tone.



LiteFLO - IPL Vascular Pigmentation

Red blood cells causing blemishes in the skin tissue are targeted. Typical examples of conditions treated are spider veins and broken capillaries. Light energy destroys the pigment to remove the blemish from the skin.




No one wants painful laser and IPL hair removal, thanks to LiteFLO they don’t have to…

Pain has long been the main obstacle stopping clients who wanted to have IPL or laser hair removal treatments – everyone wants to be hair-free for good, but no one wants to be hurt in the process.

The LiteFLO handset is placed gently on the skin and swiped along the whole length of the unwanted hair in one go - it’s that simple.  But best of all there is little or no feeling at all, nothing even close to pain and none of the clichéd ‘rubber-band flick’ sensation we’re always told to expect.



80% less treatment time and absolutely no pain (or sensation), kinder and gentler to skin, better results

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