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IPL Sub-Assembly | ipl machine spare parts


InteliBrite IPL Hand Piece Repair Sub-Assembly

Contains the beating heart of all IPL treatments.

The IPL sub-assembly holds our precise ipl lamps, optical filter, waveguide, flow tube, reflector, water blocks & TEC plates, all in a precise way so that it can all be liquid cooled.

The sub-assembly needs to be built with quality components in a way which is precise, if something is not correct such as the reflector or flow tube being dirty, the light won't be able to transmit through to the optical filter which will result in a massive power drop.

If the contact crystal is not adequately cooled then it will allow to much heat to transfer through to the skin, which will affect the quality and comfort of the treatment.

Quality parts, cleaned and fitted correctly is the only way High Profile Technologies works.



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