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LiteFLO puts laser into the dark ages

Since launching the LiteFLO+, the only system on the market to use quad-capacitor technology, innovators High Profile Technologies Ltd haven’t looked back – literally.

Jake Hoyle, Technical Director of High Profile Technologies Ltd explains: “The Company has succeed because it’s always offered more powerful, focused equipment that gets the job done better than the competition  - the new LiteFLO technology on these new IPL machines is no different to that formula.

“We’ve taken a concept that makes delivery over 5 times faster, treatment absolutely pain-free and at the same time increased both safety and results.  All of that in the single package of the InteliBrite LiteFLO + has seen us inundated with orders for the machines.  No one wants traditional IPL or laser hair removal treatments, or anything else, now.”


A conventional IPL or laser works with the operator aiming it at a single spot on the client’s skin and firing what’s known as a ‘shot’, before moving on to do the next patch.  This stop-start delivery is repeated until the whole of the area being treated has been covered.

The huge majority of the machines supplied by other companies in the UK using this technique have been traditionally, and remain, both underpowered and unreliable.  This has always left clients with very hit-and-miss results and a slow, painful treatment experience – it’s not uncommon to hear about some clients having had fifteen or more treatments without satisfactory results with these machines.

High Profile Technologies Ltd came up with the answer to this problem many years ago when they introduced the dual-capacitor InteliBrite IPL range.  Increased capability, power and stability produced a machine that was safer, faster and more effective.

The marketplace responded by adopting these machines in place of the poor performing single-capacitor machines available, some of which had given light-based aesthetics a bad reputation in the marketplace.  But as ever the team at High Profile Technologies Ltd are looking forward, not backwards:

Ryan Smith, Commercial Director at High Profile Technologies Ltd said:  “Obviously we still produce the full range of InteliBrite devices, but the level of demand for this new FLO technology has actually taken us by surprise.

“Just about all orders for machines over the last two quarters have been for this new technology.  I mean, the original machines still outclass most devices in the marketplace – but the LiteFLO revolutionises it. 

“Everyone - clients, operators, business owners, want a machine that’s pain-free, faster than anything else out there, and better results and safety than ever.  The salons, medi-spa’s and clinics queuing up to buy these LiteFLO machines have proven this.

“It’s great to know that in Britain we’re still pioneers of innovation and that business owners, and consumers, continue to demand the best, as well as embracing these kind of leaps forward.”

The key to the LiteFLO’s success is, as ever, in the advanced technology that the Company focuses on developing.  These LiteFLO systems use four capacitors and a clever software system to ‘balance’ energy for a non-stop delivery.

In treatment terms this means no stopping and starting – instead the handset is swiped across the client in a stripe, then moved to the next position and swiped again.

Jake Hoyle commented:  “What we did with the original InteliBrite by making it faster and more comfortable created a marketplace across a wide-range of hair and skin types for treatment of large zones on the client.

“All of a sudden, the InteliBrite’s made it practical to have something like full body hair removal – since treatments took a lot less time and were a lot less painful.  As a result of this, the demand for treatments such as full-body [hair removal] treatment rocketed.  

“With this new LiteFLO technology we’ve raised the bar again – this full-body treatment can now be done in less than an hour.  Everyone is better off now – the business owners and the clients.”

The Company is providing the LiteFLO based machines with its usual exemplary package of training, service contract, warranty support, legal documentation and marketing assistance all included.  

The Company explained that it’s possible for a salon to have the equipment installed, with this full package, for as little as £95 per week on a typical lease scheme, although further information can be obtained by contacting High Profile Technologies Ltd themselves directly.

Ryan Smith added:  “For business owners who not only want to generate solid profit, but also to offer clients something much more than the average treatment - the InteliBrite LiteFLO is the perfect thing for them.  “Comprehensive packages and technology like this, and it’s not going to break the bank either – that’s before you’ve even considered that these new machines are now even cheaper than ever to run!

“It’s easy to see where the demand is coming from.”

It seems that High Profile Technologies Ltd is sticking to what it’s proven itself to be good at – introducing new technology that changes the industry for the better, at the same time it’s still making sure that it’s producing machines that are affordable to the many.  

If you’re not one of the many businesses already using this new technology, then now might be the right time to jump on the bandwagon.


LiteFLO is a revolution is cometic beauty procedures delivering pain free ipl treatments 

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