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The REAL Cost Of Renting A Diode Hair Removal Laser

Rent or Finance Lease? Read this to find the best option for you.
Trying to establish yourself in the beauty industry, renting expensive equipment such as a diode hair removal laser, or even a traditional ipl machine, may seem like a great place to start. 

However, the truth is that the cost of renting a laser hair removal machine can often work out more expensive than buying outright.

Read on to find out about the warning of rental Vs purchasing, and how to find the perfect supplier for you. 

Renting Vs Buying | Diode Laser

Renting a diode or any other form of hair removal laser is vastly different than purchasing.

With renting at the end of the contract you hand the machine back to the supplier, but with purchasing, you will own the equipment!

Renting Diode Hair Removal Machine
It may seem that renting may be an excellent way to test the waters of laser hair removal, but this isn't a viable long-term option when rental companies demand a deposit more than £2,000 and a minimum contract time of 1 year.

This is a substantial investment for most business owners and isn't worth the poor support and expensive running costs that you typically get from suppliers that rent out cosmetic lasers.

It is more cost effective to purchase a machine than to go through with a rental agreement!

Typically rental fees are over £600 a month, how can you be expected to make a steady profit? At that price, you'd have to perform upwards of 15 treatments a month before you even get a share of the profit.

Some suppliers allow you to rent a machine by paying a minimal flat rate for the device every month, but they will charge you for every shot on the handset.

CAUTION, this can be more taxing on your business, as no matter how hard you work; you'll never get to the point of making a personal profit.

The more customers you treat, the more money you end up giving to the supplier.

Never mind being in a treatment price war, rental schemes could end up costing you money. Read more about salon price wars here >

Why Buying A Diode Hair Removal Laser is Better!

It's quite simple; you own the equipment, the profits are yours, you can be the master of your own destiny.

Typically the monthly finance amounts are drastically lowered then any rental costs; this means your not charged per shot or any price hikes on rentals.

With purchasing equipment you can turn a healthy profit, you can build a loyal customer base & mostly, so you have a strong asset for your growing salon.

In Summary
​It's easier to predict the profits you'll make
No matter how many shots or profit you make, you'll pay the same amount every month
You own the machine at the end of the contract
You're not forced to do a certain number of treatments every month
You can decide how much you charge per treatment
It often works out cheaper, and you'll make more profit

Profit Share Beware!

We have previously spoken about the hidden costs of IPL machines, click here to read about it.

​"How can I find the diode hair removal machine, at an affordable price?"​

As mentioned in our exhibition blog, the most important thing is to do your research.
You can ask around on forum sites or social media; read reviews of machines and their corresponding treatments from various sources. This will give you an idea of how other salon owners see a machine, and how the customer finds the experience.

The most important step comes next: to see for yourself. You should always have a demonstration on the machine before you buy.

You should read our advice on making informed decisions when buying cosmetic lasers.

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