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High Profile Technologies Ltd is a specialist supplier of cosmetic & aesthetic equipment, ranging from lasers for tattoo to hair removal.
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IPL Machines & Laser Hair Removal Machines | Buyer Beware of Hidden Costs
Intense Pulsed Light, the hidden costs... only 2 pence per shot with InteliBrite! As we're all aware there's a massive demand for Intense Pulsed Light treatments, as well as the equipment that delivers the procedure – in fact, there's a good chance you're reading this right now because you're considering having 'laser' hair removal treatment or buy...
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Get The Most Out Of Your IPL Handset!

Get the most out of your IPL applicator
 For a few years now, we are asked the same questions from a wide range of customers. "How do I get the most out of my IPL handset? How do I know when it needs refurbishing?" Things to Know About IPL Lamps First of all, we will clear up a common misconception, the lamps we use, as many IPL Specialists, are Long Arc Xenon Flash Lamps. These bul...
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