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Stubborn Frozen Fat? Let It Go

Frozen Fat? Let It Go With isoLipo Fat Freezing Machine

Fat freezing may be new, but it's proving immensely popular for many significant reasons, most notably because it's been proven to work wonders on stubborn fat.

Stubborn fat removal is fast becoming an industry in itself, and our isoLipo machines are leading the way in the war against stubborn fatty deposits that traditionally prove difficult for women and men to remove themselves, even with a proper diet and lots of exercises, the most commonly prescribed remedies for the reduction of stubborn fat.

To help you understand the many benefits that our revolutionary isoLipo fat freezing machines have to offer your business and your clients, we have addressed some of our customers' most commonly asked questions in this short yet informative article.

We hope it answers any questions that you may have about fat freezing techniques and our state-of-the-art isoLipo machines, however, if you have any further queries, or would like to arrange a demonstration so you can see first-hand how they work and what all the fuss is about, please get in touch with High Profile Technologies.

What Is Stubborn Fat?
Stubborn fat is essentially fatty deposits in areas that are difficult to remove, like bums, hips and thighs for women, and the abdominal area and what often turns into love handles for men.

Stubborn fat is usually, though not always, subcutaneous fat, which is the fat that lies directly under the skin and is well-known for being more difficult to break down and remove than intramuscular fat, which is the fat located throughout skeletal muscle, and visceral fat, which is fat that's stored within the abdominal cavity around internal organs like the liver, intestines and pancreas.

Stubborn subcutaneous fat can be highly unsightly and cause both men and women to suffer from a negative self-image, which may, in turn, lead to depression, and it can also pose a significant health risk to the individual, most notably with regard to cardiovascular disease and diabetes, along with arthritis and joint related conditions.

Removing stubborn fat, therefore, has not only many aesthetic advantages, but also many health advantages, which has made non-invasive fat reduction techniques like fat freezing very popular, and consequently, in high demand.

By offering isoLipo fat freezing treatments at your salon, you're presented with the opportunity to capitalise upon the growing demand for this amazingly effective fat reduction technique in your local area.

Many salon owners throughout the UK have already purchased isoLipo machines to capitalise upon this demand, and they see a noticeable increase in business as a result of offering this popular new fat reduction technique.

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What Is Fat Freezing?
Fat freezing is a highly effective non-invasive fat reduction technique that works by freezing subcutaneous fat cells until they disappear, leaving the overlying skin intact.

An isoLipo practitioner – our isoLipo machines are very easy to use – inserts a section of the patient's skin into the isoLipo machine's powerful 'Cyclone' vacuum system exposing it to extremely low temperatures (-9°C) which causes irreversible damage to the cells exposed and leads to a reduction of fat in the area to which the isoLipo treatment has been applied.

The results that this incredible non-invasive fat reduction technique deliver are 100 percent permanent, and as the men and women taking delight in their slender and slim new bodies have been quick to tell the world, they're nothing shy of astonishing.

Why Is It Superior to Liposuction?
Unlike isoLipo fat freezing treatments which are completely non-invasive, liposuction is an invasive fat reduction technique that's well-known among members of the medical community for the myriad of dangers that it presents to patients' health and their well-being.

Some of the complications commonly associated with liposuction include infection, contour irregularities that leave the skin feeling bumpy or wavy, reduced skin elasticity, fluid accumulation, internal punctures and ongoing numbness, not to mention an extremely painful recovery period that can last weeks if not longer.

isoLipo fat freezing treatment, on the other hand, is practically painless – patients may feel a slight discomfort as their exposed skin is frozen – and once the treatment has concluded, the exposed skin is released from the mouthpiece and quickly thaws.

Because the isoLipo machine features an automatic reverse cooling system that can heat the patient's heat skin, the onset of frostbite is avoided efficiently and there are no health risks to the patient whatsoever, making isoLipo fat freezing a safer and far superior fat reduction technique to liposuction in so many ways.

What Features Does the isoLipo Machine Offer?
Our isoLipo machines are highly effective at permanently eliminating subcutaneous fat and in addition to delivering noticeable and permanent fat reduction results, boast an incredible array of fantastic features other fat freezing machines won't offer you.

Along with their easy-to-use high-resolution LCD touchscreens, HPT's isoLipo machines also offer customisable cooling (to -9°C), a vacuum system with a digitally controlled massage feature, an automatic reverse cooling system to heat skin tissue and avoid the onset of frostbite, integrated patient heart rate monitoring, and for further assurances of patient safety, a patient-controlled emergency override feature.

How Much Does an isoLipo Machine Cost?
Despite its wealth of fantastic features that should make it a prohibitively expensive item of salon equipment, an isoLipo machine could be yours from just £34 a week!

That's a trifling sum for a technologically advanced fat freezing machine that delivers a myriad of important benefits to your patients and could help your salon become the go-to salon for the best fat freezing treatments in your local area.

I'm Interested, How Do I Get Started?
If you'd like more information about isoLipo or any of our other state-of-the-art salon products such as InteliBrite the original IPL system, LiteFLO a true PAIN FREE hair removal machine, or you'd like us to let you know when we'll be in your local area so that we can schedule you in for a free demonstration at a time that's convenient.

We look forward to sharing with you the many amazing benefits that isoLipo fat freezing has to offer! 

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