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Nourisil MD | Silicone Gel for Scars

HPT18_EB_Nourisil_POSTCOVER_v1.1.1-01 Nourisil MD works perfectly with GLO Skin Rejuvenation Treatments.

​Here at HPT, we always love to recognise quality products.
Nourisil works perfectly with the GLO Skin Rejuvenation range.

Nourisil MD. A Silicone Gel for hypertrophic scars and skin rejuvenation.

What is it and how does it work?

This gel contains five types of silicone in combination with Vitamin D to revitalise hypertrophic scar tissue. But how does it? Nourisil MD allows the skin to secrete moisture at normal levels while hypertrophic scar tissue is forming, therefore reducing the amount of collagen produced - which is what creates the scar.

For the best results, Nourisil MD should be gently massaged into the skin twice a day. It'd work fantastically alongside our GLO IPL - a light-based skin rejuvenation treatment.

What Types of Scars can Nourisil MD be used on?

Nourisil MD works on Acne & Keloid scars and scars from medical or cosmetic surgery. On top of this, it's listed to work well on burns. While it can't be proven to work well on every scar, as every individual is different in biology, the gel contains ingredients which are medically proven to reduce the skin's production of collagen - and thus reduce the rate at which hypertrophic scar tissue is formed.

My First Impressions 

On first opening, I found the gel was thicker than I expected, the comparison that came to mind was the gel used when having an ultrasound or Laser Hair Removal Treatment.

Nourisil MD gel is semi-transparent silvery colour and smooth to the touch. The gel was relatively scentless, but my nose did detect a very slight floral aroma.

I expected that it might feel slightly sticky and leave a tacky residue, but when I applied to a scar on my forearm, it absorbed very evenly and left my arm feeling smooth, soft and hydrated.

I went around the office and offered the gel around, asking for opinions.

The results were vastly the same, everyone commented on the smoothness of their skin afterwards and were unable to stop rubbing their fingers together.

Below are some images of the sample packets that Nourisil MD gave to us. You can see that the product is professionally packaged, it has lots of relevant information.

It has all the hallmarks of a quality product.

We're exceptionally pleased to have the samples and that we have been able to test it alongside our GLO Skin Rejuvenation equipment range.

We'd recommend Nourisil MD for those salon owners operating GLO IPL, this would be a great product to supply to your customers after treatments.

You can buy the gel or read more about it at

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