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A lump of Coal from Santa? Not as bad as it sounds!

A lump of coal from Santa is a god send for your skin!

Charcoal, not something you associate with beauty but in the last year it has been all over the shops, toothpaste, facemasks, hair products and even release the pain from insect bites! 

Activated charcoal can get rid of all the poison out of your skin so you can achieve the perfect skin that you have desired for so many years! So, it's not just good for heating up the BBQ in summer, it's still very cheap to buy, so all the family can have a lump of coal In their stockings this Christmas!

Carbon Face Wash
That lump of coal what you might find under your tree might just be your saviour and cure your acne problems so don't be too upset. If you get the activated coal in a soap form, the texture will gently exfoliate and will absorb and get rid of the toxins in the skin.

Carbon Facials
Carbon Laser Facial what a pain-free non-invasive that what is only a little-heated feeling on the skin what is a surprise to say what the treatment does is. The Carbon facial includes the charcoal cream that goes onto the skin before the procedure.
The treatment has many benefits such as getting rid of fine line wrinkles, tightening the skin, makes the skin much smoother.

It also gets rid of the effects of ageing lines, reduces acne, it can remove dead skin cells from the epidermal layer of the face and gives the face a deep clean to clear the pores, so there is less risk of getting blackheads.

For the Carbon facial, there is one big downside, and that's the price, but luckily, we have a solution for that problem, and that is the chemical face peel what does the same thing as the carbon facial but at half the price and isn't a laser so it feels, even more, nicer while the Treo Peel works wonders upon you. Hopefully, a salon or clinic near you can provide this service so you can feel the greatness of technology and chemistry working in perfect harmony.

Carbon Toothpaste
One of the most significant beauty trends of 2017 is the use of activated charcoal toothpaste. Though it sounds counter-intuitive to brush your teeth with a black paste, it is more abrasive than the standard whitening toothpaste and can help remove the stubborn stains.
(Tidbit, that this is not a new trend, the ancient Romans used to use powdered charcoal in their toothpaste)

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