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Laser Tattoo Removal – whatever the cost the value is priceless

Tattoo Removal Laser - Whatever the cost of a treatment, the value is pricelss

Laser Tattoo Removal is a market that's growing at an astronomical rate. In years gone by tattoos were edgy, unusual and reserved for specific sub-sections of society.

Then the 1990's arrived and along with it the craze of celebrities using tattoos to get an edge and express their personality – and the general public followed suit with enormous enthusiasm. All of a sudden tattoos became more acceptable, mainstream even – it's estimated that 1 in 4 people in the UK now has at least one tattoo.

But one thing that hasn't changed along with 25% of the population embracing body art is the fact that people change their minds about what they like and what they want.

Years ago, when someone decided they didn't want a tattoo any longer it was tough luck – you lived with it, covering it up with clothing - if that was possible. Of course, the regret at still having it on your body, at not having any choice or control over whether it remained or not ultimately lead to regret and unhappiness.

Fortunately, times and technology have moved along – now there's the option of erasing the tattoo, along with regret – with laser tattoo removal.
Something like High Profile Technologies inkaway tattoo removal laser will zap away an unwanted tattoo over the course of a series of quick treatment sessions. The result is clear skin, leaving no trace of the unwanted ink.

How much is laser tattoo removal?

We have looked up and down the UK and put together average prices of a single treatment based on them regions, this should give you a rough price, but dependant upon where you get your treatment, who performs the procedure & the quality of equipment will dictate a price difference.

​North | England ​Midlands | England​South | England
​Extra Small 1-3 cm £37.71​ ​Extra Small 1-3 cm
​£24.29​Extra Small 1-3 cm​£56.43
Small 4-8 cm​£58.43Small 4-8 cm£​38.57Small 4-8 cm£​85.43
Medium 9-15 cm​£84.86Medium 9-15 cm​£60.00Medium 9-15 cm​£125.00
Large 16-20 cm​£131.29Large 16-20 cm​£95.71Large 16-20 cm£​182.86

So, with the cost of laser tattoo removal treatments being so affordable and the treatments so fast and convenient, it's more a case of thinking about the value of the treatment rather than the cost…

Imagine having to live with a picture stuck permanently on your skin's surface that you just couldn't stand, but couldn't get away from? Imagine if it was the name of your ex? Or a reminder of something you'd rather forget?
With the cost of inkaway tattoo removal, a full course of laser tattoo removal treatment could be as little as just £100 – £200 - a small price to pay to be free of the offending ink forever.

Tattoo removal is cheaper than you might have thought – getting the unwanted ink away from your skin– PRICELESS!

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