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inkaway – Zap away terrible tattoos in a flash

inkaway – Zap away terrible tattoos in a flash

When it comes to laser medicine the most important questions is – 'does it work?'. If the answer is no, then say no more. Fortunately, when it comes to laser tattoo removal and the inkaway, the answer is a resounding YES!

How and why? Behind the Ink Away brand is a laser with a much less catchy name – a Q-switched, Nd:YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet), twin-rod, dual-frequency, triple-capacitor laser! 

It is a list of quality components that are put together to create each inkaway tattoo laser removal machine…

The Q-switch creates high-energy, peak-power bursts of a laser, essential for successful ink eradication…

  • The Nd:YAG is the best type of lasing medium to blast away unwanted tattoo ink…
  • The twin crystal rods of the inkaway create cleaner laser harmonics – for much better results and life-span than all those other single rod lasers out there…
  • The dual frequency means that the inkaway is two lasers for the price of one – a Nd:YAG and a KTP laser – treating coloured tattoos and offering outstanding value from 1 machine!...
  • The triple capacitor banks of the inkaway – it does not have just one capacitor like other lasers, not 2, but 3 in total – to give a high-powered, accurate and stable laser – so results are reliable and predictable!

  • There are other tattoo removal lasers out there, but none built like the inkaway. It is designed to do one thing – blitz away lousy tattoo ink and the regrets of your customers along with it!
    So, the inkaway tattoo busting technology is better, the reliability is superb, and so success follows. But. Is the price higher?
    There are 'tattoo removal lasers' available out there for peanuts. Mostly from online auction sites, or 'bedroom-built' supplier websites. Don't be fooled into think that these are anything like the inkaway.

    A suitable laser in untrained hands can be dangerous. However, a cheap, lousy laser in anyone's hands could be a disaster.
    The inkaway will cost you more than these machines – because it is a quality built, good tattoo removal laser. Then there's the training, certification and support we provide alongside it, 24 months of warranty, 12 months of servicing, policy, procedure and protocol documents, client consultation documents, rated eye-protection and marketing materials…

    How much is the cost? It could be as little as just £55 + VAT per week* - for the full package.

    To put that into perspective against the profit of the tattoo shattering inkaway treatments…
    Zapping an unwanted strip of tattoo ink 1cm x 4cm (about the size of a tattoo of the name of an ex-husband or ex-wife!) takes less than 5 minutes.

    You would probably charge the regretful owner of this tattoo around £50 for this quick, 5-minute session.
    That means that in just 5 minutes of work – the inkaway has almost paid for itself for the whole week!
    Imagine what this would mean if you used the inkaway for 10 minutes, or 30 minutes, or an hour or two a day! You do the maths – it's big money, fast!
    So, with the inkaway – it's a quality treatment system, that's driven by results – but that doesn't cost the earth for you to own and operate.

    After all, if the machine were tens of thousands of pounds – even if it worked well at erasing unwanted ink you would not be able to make any profit – so what would be the point in doing the treatment in the first place?!

    So, what is the inkaway?
    It's a superb, high-quality, versatile tattoo removal laser – with all the backup and support of a professional company that has supplied lasers for more than a decade.
    However, the inkaway is not – a cheap, lousy, unreliable laser, which offers little to no results, from a supplier who knows nothing about it, who'll take your money over the internet and ship a box to your door - then never want to speak to you again! As they say, 'you pay peanuts, you get monkeys'!

    Nor is it an overpriced, glorified tattoo removal system dressed up in emperor's new clothes – we are not charging £20,000, £30,000 or £40,000 over here!

    What the inkaway is…
    It's your best bet if you want to make a lot of money, very quickly removing unwanted tattoo ink, promptly and efficiently. A machine where a reasonable cost offers an excellent return, complemented by excellent aftersales care and support from a reliable, long-standing laser supplier.

    Tattoo Laser Removal – there's nowhere else to look other than the inkaway!

    *Based on a typical fixed-term lease-purchase agreement for business or Limited company which has traded for three years +, directors are homeowners with a suitable credit history. The example given would be with a deposit of £0.00 and then 60 monthly payments equating to £55 + VAT per week. Terms and conditions apply, and all finance is subject to credit status. Alternative options are available.

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