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Don't Buy at Beauty Trade Shows!

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Been to the recent beauty shows?

Visiting beauty trade shows like 'Professional Beauty' & the 'Olympia Beauty' is a great way to see what all the biggest suppliers have to offer.
These conventions are a fantastic way of networking your beauty business and finding new and innovative ways to service your customers.

Along with all this, you will see the latest and greatest treatments, what's hot now and more importantly to you; what is up and coming!

Having Informed Customers
No Doubt you have seen the spike in demand for diode laser hair removal, consumers are rightfully aware of treatments they want and don't!

Consumers are transitioning to wanting a less of the cheap treatments, they want value for their money. Which means they don't want lots of cheaper treatments, but would rather have a couple of quality treatments.

Whats Hot & Here To Stay
Even though diode hair removal has been around for a while, it's only just gaining mainstream popularity. Perhaps you've spoken to some manufacturers and suppliers at these shows.

Impressed? Did you feel pressured to buy? Was the incentive to buy now too good to miss?

Suppliers at these shows offer "huge" discounts if you place an order there and then. It's their way of getting you to sign the papers to an expensive product before you've even had time to consider the purchase.

Trust us when we say that purchasing expensive equipment such as a diode laser hair removal machine at shows is a bad idea.
Never feel pressured to make quick decisions that you might regret.

The Show Discount
Typically suppliers are willing to give you the VAT back on the sale, which is a 20% discount on the machine. We know this because we have spoken to many suppliers.

Contingent that you sign the order at the show, as its a discount for whilst you're there.

HPT won't pressure you into purchasing.
Our prices are competitive, an infinity diode start from £365.27§ per month

We spoke to suppliers at the show, with a discount applied the typical price from £600 per month.

Read more about the infinity Diode here.

Making Informed Decisions
With any large purchase for your business or even personally, its only wise to ensure that you have done your research.

We advise to research the following;
1. If you're introducing a new treatment, check if you have a client base or a potential one.
2. Find out what technology is available to deliver this treatment, check the high end all the way to the lower end.
3. Speak to suppliers, get information of how they operate, speak to their current customer base, google them and read reviews.
One thing to keep in mind: Expensive does not always mean quality & cheap can be exactly that!
You want a supplier who can work with you, who offers a good level of equipment & training support.

Never make quick decisions
If a supplier is giving you all reasons to buy there and then at the show, take a step back and think about it.

Change Roles
When thinking about how this choice will impact you, think about the motivation of the supplier to sell this while at the show.

Get The Data
We always advise that you do your homework on suppliers, treatments & the demand from customers.
First of all the equipment needs to supply a treatment that works and is profitable.
You then need to find a supplier with a track record, who can work with you and deliver the support you need.

The Importance Of Demonstrations
One of the draw backs of beauty trade shows is that if you're looking to buy light based equipment, is that you can't have a demonstration there.
It's nice to look at the machines, see the quality of the build, talk to the suppliers etc. But again you can't see the treatment in action, you can't feel the sensation of the treatment.

This is exceptionally important!

Here at HPT, you don't need to worry about that.

We recently wrote about how some suppliers of IPL & Diode Hair Removal Lasers exploit their customers, you can read about it here.

If you want more information about the infinity diode or have any type of questions please feel free to contact us on: 01422 524 006

§ Price stated is +VAT, it is based on no deposit, over 60 monthly payments as Tier 1 finance. 

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