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Diode - The Superior Hair Removal Laser

Why use three lasers when one does that trick?

Nowadays you see so many machines that pride themselves with a multitude of wavelengths & capabilities. 

But what are the real advantages of using such different lasers & wavelengths?

Manufacturers will tell you that specific wavelengths give you advantages, which slightly differrent hold disadvantages (such as 810nm is superior to 808nm. To be effective you need to have a combination of wavelengths such as 755nm, 808nm & 1064nm, in a single handset!

This simply isn't true. 

When machines or applicators try to cram such varients in technology into a single device, they become a jack of all trades and a master of none.

You're also turning machines such as diode hair removal lasers, from an exact treatment which is why you pay for diode technology, into something that is compareable to a tradition IPL, where it uses a spectrum of light to acheive hair removal.

This is an issue!

Many suppliers will pull you in with the promise of a superior machine, delivering the next generation treatment, which is better then what was before. This tag of being "better" then the rest allows most suppliers to put a higher price on the machine, or that they can sell a reasonable priced machine in quantity.

These types of machine have never been viable, by definition the machine capabilities are limited. By trying to acheive so much, they fall short with everything.

The only times this is not true, is when well established suppliers who know the products, release new technology. BUT, the price will exactly reflect this!

So What Type Of Lasers Are Best For Hair Removal?


There are more than a couple of options for hair removal, but we are talking about Laser Hair Removal. With this in mind, we are going to narrow it down to Alexandrite Hair Removal Lasers - Nd: YAG Hair Removal Lasers - Diode Hair Removal Lasers.

Some of the specifications for these lasers are below:

Technology Alexandrite Nd:YAG Infinity Diode
Wavelength ​755nm ​1064nm 808nm
Shots Per Second​5​10​​​12
Spot Size​​6-16mm5mm​​9mm
Typical Lifetime​​500,000 Shots​500,000 Shots5,000,000 Shots​

What are Alexandrite Lasers?

Many of these lasers go through a Q-Switch focusing process to achieve their benchmark 755nm wavelength; similar to Nd: YAG. The method of Q-Switch focusing is now outdated by diode technology, which outputs a laser at an exact wavelength.

Alexandrite, like a diode, works effectively on all skin types - but at the cost of temporary side-effects like red rashes and irritating lumps on the skin. Apart from this, the treatment itself is painless. Alexandrite handsets will often come with an applicator spot size as large as 16mm; this can allow you to treat areas of the skin faster but with the drawback of decreased accuracy. 

A clinical study in 2006 showed that Alexandrite Lasers cause a 68.75% reduction in hair growth over 6 months.

Advantages of Alexandrite

  • Virtually Painless Treatments
  • 68.75% growth reduction after 6 months
  • Large spot size allows you to treat larger areas faster

Disadvantages of Alexandrite

  • ​Temporary Side-Effects like Rashes and irritable lumps
  • Decreased effectiveness in comparison with diode
  • Only suitable on Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-IV

What are Nd: YAG Lasers?


Nd:YAG Lasers (sometimes called long-pulse YAGs) operate at a whopping 1064nm wavelength. They have forever been seen as a strong competitor to IPL. Nd:YAG Lasers are often used for tattoo removal, as is the case with our Nd:YAG inkaway laser tattoo removal machine. We highly recommend Nd:YAG for tattoo removal, rather than hair removal, as professional diode laser hair removal machines are capable of performing the same treatments in a less painful form.

Advantages of Nd:YAG

  • Precise treatment that can accurately target a root hair cell
  • This powerful laser will penetrate deep into the skin and destroy the root quickly
  • Works great on darker skin tones. 

Disadvantages of Nd:YAG

  • ​Very uncomfortable or even painful treatments
  • Advantages have been replaced by diode technology
  • ​Outdated Q-Switching method

Diode Lasers


Diode technology is the latest in hair removal lasers. Instead of going through a Q-Switch focusing process, the laser is output straight from the LED stack at a constant wavelength (between 808nm and 810nm).

​Diode Lasers are the latest in commercial hair removal technology. Instead of going through a Q-Switch focusing process, the laser is output straight from the LED diode stack at a constant wavelength (between 808nm and 810nm). Our infinity diode laser hair removal machine operates at a steady 808nm wavelength, which is clinically proven to be the perfect balance between delivering comfortable and effective treatments. The clinical study in 2006 showed that diode treatments showed a 70% growth reduction in treated areas, which is greater than alexandrite. Also note that diode technology has progressed since then, and the growth reduction percentile is likely even higher. The applicator spot size is 6mm; accurate enough for precise penetration, but large enough for lighting fast treatments. See the video below to see how fast treatments truly are.

Advantages of Diode Laser Hair Removal

  • Ultra-fast treatments on small and large areas of the body.
  • The best growth reduction results of any technology on the market.
  • Comfortable, non-painful treatments.
  • Works on a wider range of skin types than Alexandrite.
  • Perfect for thick, coarse hairs.
  • 12 Shots per-second
  • Longer operating life than any other hair removal machine.

See how fast treatments on the infinity really are​!

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