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High Profile Technologies Ltd is a specialist supplier of cosmetic & aesthetic equipment, ranging from lasers for tattoo to hair removal.
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Difference Between LiteFLO & IPL Hair Removal Machines

What is the difference between ipl hair removal lasers and nd yag hair removal?
LiteFLO Technology - the amazing next generation IPL treatment High Profile Technologies (HPT) is proud to pioneer the future of light-based hair removal with its LiteFLO pain-free & permanent hair removal laser. It has never been simpler to provide such fast, painless IPL treatments with such consistent results and safety. To understand how th...
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IPL Machine Rental | The Hidden Costs

Looking to rent an ipl laser hair removal machine? You better know the hidden costs.
Please read this carefully before you choose to buy IPL machines and equipment! As we're all aware there's a massive demand for Intense Pulsed Light treatments , as well as the equipment that delivers the procedure – in fact, there's a good chance you're reading this right now because you're considering having laser hair removal treatment or b...
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Bikini line | Pain Free & Fast

Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal Now Pain Free & Faster Then Ever
Bikini line 'laser' hair removal - faster than ever before thanks to the new LiteFLO! Did you know it takes around 12 hours to fly on a plane from the UK to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, but under 5 minutes to have a Bikini line hair removal treatment with LiteFLO It used to be impossible to deliver IPL treatment of unwanted hair so quickly, but thanks...
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