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cryogenic fat freezing machine
the latest in fat removal and reduction technology
view the latest in body sculpting treatment with amazing fat freezing before and after images


Key Features


cryolipolysis slimming machine uses vacuum to suck the skin into the applicator


The Cyclone Massage system is activated and the isoLipo handset attaches itself securely to the treatment area. It will continue to adjust suction pressure during treatment.

the cryo lipo handset warms the skin tissue before deep cooling the fat


The Thermo-Flux system begins to rapidly but gently heat the skin tissue, making it more flexible and separating blood vessels from the fat cells.


isoLipo cryo lipo treatment then drops the fat to -18 which kills the fat cells


The iCycle X-treme then provides intense cooling (-9°C) to the fat cells in the treatment zone, ‘freezing’ them and leading to their destruction.

freeze away stubborn fat with the isoLipo machine


The Cyclone Massage system can then actively massage the immediate area, enhancing the results of the iCycle X-treme cooling effect of the treatment.



iCycle uses cryogenic treatment to freeze away stubborn fat

iCycle X-treme

The latest incarnation of the well-known digital cooling system from LiteFLO brand system is central to the isoLipo. This new version offers incredible levels of cooling, dropping the system as low as -9°C in seconds. This sub-zero output is what ‘freezes’ the fat, offering those incredible isoLip results!


thermoflux allows the isoLipo+ to be a alternative to lipo suction


Only found on isoLipo machines the Thermo-Flux is clever system that heats the skin tissue during a treatment as opposed to the fat cells that are being cooled. This makes the skin more flexible, allowing for a better treatment, but more importantly protects the skin from frost damage too.


cellulite is easily removed over the 12 weeks after the treatment

Cyclone Massage

Again another isoLipo only feature – the Cyclone Massage. Computer controlled automatic tissue massage enhances the blood flow encouraged by the Thermo-Flux technology as well as the affect that the iCycle X-treme is having on the breakdown of the fat cells. As if the isoLipo wasn’t offering superb results already – Cyclone Massage takes it a step further!



Technical Details

iCycle X-treme range: +5°c to -9°C

Thermo-Flux range: +37°C to +45°C

Cyclone Vacuum range: 10 to 80 Kpa

Red spectrum output: 630 nm

Green spectrum output: 570 nm

Frostbite Protection system: isoLipo S3 sheet

4 handsets included (maximum of any 2 in operation at the same time):

Handset S: Small 9.5cm x 4.5cm

Handset M: Medium 13.5cm x 5cmm

Handset L: Large 19.5cm x 6cm

Handset XL: Extra Large 33cm x 8cmm

Dimensions: 57 x 66 x 139 cm

Weight: 70 kg



The image shows a micro scope image of fat removal using cool sculpting


Non-invasive - no needles or knives needed!

Suitable for both Male & Female

Reduce fat from: 

Stomach, Inner / Outer Thighs, Hips, Front / Back Thighs, 

Back / Chest, Upper Arms, Buttocks





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