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Compact cryogenic Fat Freezing system

The isoLipo-ONE packs iCycle X-treme and Cyclone Suction into a small, portable package. 

The iCycle X-treme mini system offers cooling as low as -9°C, with Cyclone suction up to 80Kpa. The low weight and small size of the isoLipo-ONE contrast the incredible cooling power and suction of this cryo machine.

The isoLipo-ONE is the affordable, portable, space-saving cryolipolysis machine for operators who want excellent results.


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System Features

• High-resolution, operator controlled touch screen

• High-resolution LCD display screens on each handset

• iCycle X-treme, customisable cooling to -9°C

• Cyclone vacuum system with digitally controlled suction

• Cyclone vacuum single channel suction of 80 Kpa

• Fully Automated self-cleaning, with click-fit waste reservoirs

• Integrated handset storage makes machine user friendly and storage simple

• Fast and simple to adjust, setup and deliver treatment

• Small and light, transportation and storage is simple

• Superior technology for exceptional results

isolipo uses a specialised fat freezing handset to kill fat cells quick


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iCycle X-treme is the newest cryolipolysis technology dropping the skin lower, safer for longer

iCycle X-treme

The latest incarnation of the well-known digital cooling system from LiteFLO brand system is central to the isoLipo. This new version offers incredible levels of cooling, dropping the system as low as -9°C in seconds. This sub-zero output is what ‘freezes’ the fat, offering those incredible isoLip results!



before and after cryo lipo vacuum - cryogenic treatment


8-12 WEEKS


Fat in the treatment zone is visually and measurably reduced 8-12 weeks after treatment, but the results can keep developing up to 16 weeks after application.

The fat ‘frozen’ by the treatment has been broken down and removed by the body’s natural process!


Technical Details

iCycle X-treme range: +5°c to -9°C

Thermo-Flux range: +37°C to +45°C

Cyclone Vacuum range: 10 to 80 Kpa

Green spectrum output: 570 nm

Frostbite Protection system: isoLipo S3 sheet

Single handsets included:

Applicator 3: Medium 13.5cm x 5cmm

Dimensions: 67 x 46 x 47 cm

Weight: 20 kg

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