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isoLipo - a new world of cryolipolysis equipment uk

isoLipo – A New World of Fat Freezing

Fat freezing is a relatively new fat removal method, but if there’s one thing that’s undeniable about this ultra-effective non-invasive fat reduction technique, it’s that it delivers the results women want to see. So what is fat freezing, and how does this amazing technique work? 



How Fat Freezing Works

The origins of fat freezing began when scientists became fully aware of the effects of frostbite. Yes, that’s right, fearsome old frostbite. But frostbite isn’t something that we need be scared of when its remarkable power to freeze and eliminate fat, all the while leaving the skin overlying it intact, is applied by a skilled isoLipo practitioner.

So how does isoLipo actually remove fat? The fat freezing treatment is painless, you may feel a slight discomfort as pockets of fat in the areas treated are frozen, and it involves the innovative isoLipo machine safely freezing the pockets of body fat vacuumed into it by a mouthpiece. Upon release from the mouthpiece the frozen skin defrosts quickly and without any pain at all, and hey presto, the fat cells are dead.

Over the treatment period – usually two months – your body will continually rid itself of the dead fat cells and your unwanted body fat will completely disappear, never to be seen or bother you again. The results of this amazing new fat reduction technique are permanent, and as the women rejoicing in their new found slimness will happily let you know, nothing shy of amazing.

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Forget Liposuction and Laser Treatments

Safe, effective and scientifically proven to deliver lasting results, isoLipo has understandably proven a much preferable option to liposuction, which is painful and has a tendency to leave women with saggy, often very unsightly, overhanging skin.

isoLipo has also proven far preferable to the multitude of radiofrequency and low-level laser treatments that claim to melt fat away, all of which do little but waste time and money, not to mention cause women a serious amount of discomfort.

As a result, if you’re looking for the safest, most effective non-invasive fat removal treatment available on the market today, then the much heralded isoLipo fat freezing method is precisely the skin tightening treatment that you have been looking for.



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Is Fat Reduction the Same as Weight Loss?

Many women, and naturally many men as well, confuse the concept of fat reduction with that of weight loss. Contrary to prevailing understandings on the subject, weight loss and fat reduction, which is best achieved with non-surgical treatment methods, are actually two very different things. 

So what’s the difference? It’s actually a very simple concept, one which makes perfect sense. When weight loss occurs, fat cells reduce in size, but should weight be gained, usually due to a combination of a poor diet and a lack of cardiovascular exercise, the fat cells will increase in size once again and become bigger.

However, with the safe, effective and permanent isoLipo fat reduction treatment that has many women sharing their success stories, because the fat cells have been removed for good, they can’t grow in size because they are no longer there.

By eliminating fat cells once and for all with our radical new fat freezing treatment method that works wonders and is revolutionising the way the world thinks about fat reduction and skin tightening, you will no longer be at risk of gaining weight in the areas treated because those once bothersome fat cells are now gone for good.





Can isoLipo Help You to Achieve Your Ideal Figure?

Are you female or male? Do you want to feel more confident about your appearance and the way you present yourself? Do you want to reduce bothersome fat on your abdomen, your inner thighs or your outer thighs? Are you tired of your ‘love handles’ or ‘muffin top’ and want to do something about it? Have you tried or thought about trying cosmetic surgery treatments to enhance your appearance by making yourself slimmer? Are you open-minded about trying non-surgical fat reduction treatment?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to one or more of the questions above then yes, the isoLipo fat removal method that has been scientifically proven to freeze away stubborn fat for good can help you to achieve your ideal figure without the use of expensive creams, lotions and ointments that lighten your purse and leave you feeling disappointed.

Countless women have achieved the slim, attractive figures that they have yearned to realise for so long and so too can you. And it isn’t only women who can achieve real, lasting results with a course of isoLipo treatments, as this ground breaking non-surgical fat removal technique can also assist men who want to do something about their appearance achieve the body they’ve long yearned for.

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After Your isoLipo Treatment

The results that isoLipo delivers are permanent, but you have to remember that it successfully kills the fat cells in the areas treated, not the areas left untreated and are therefore at risk of growing bigger.

For this notable reason, you need to be aware that what you eat and the frequency in which you exercise after you receive isoLipo treatment is crucially important to achieving the lasting, long term fat removal results that you want to see.



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Twin-channel, enhanced fat freezing

The isoLipo+ offers enhanced cryogenic fat breakdown.

New digital iCycle X-treme technology offers fat cell cooling to -9°C, as well as innovative ‘Thermo-Flux’ automatic skin heating.

The addition of the Cyclone Massage function makes the isoLipo+ the pinnacle of fat freezing technology.

The isoLipo+ is produced to meet the demands of operators who need to deliver high-volumes of treatment, across multiple body zones with the best possible results.


The compact cryogenic system

The isoLipo-ONE packs iCycle X-treme and Cyclone Suction into a small, portable package. 

The iCycle X-treme mini system offers cooling as low as -9°C, with Cyclone suction up to 80Kpa.

The low weight and small size of the isoLipo-ONE contrast the incredible cooling power and suction of this cryo machine.

The isoLipo-ONE is the affordable, portable, space-saving cryolipolysis machine for operators who want excellent results.


Further isoLipo Information

Would you like to find out more about the revolutionary isoLipo fat removal and skin tightening treatment that has proven a huge success with women around the world?

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