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Twin-channel, enhanced fat freezing

The isoLipo+ offers enhanced cryogenic fat breakdown.

New digital iCycle X-treme technology offers fat cell cooling to -9°C, as well as innovative ‘Thermo-Flux’ automatic skin heating.  The addition of the Cyclone Massage function makes the isoLipo+ the pinnacle of fat freezing technology.

The isoLipo+ is produced to meet the demands of operators who need to deliver high-volumes of treatment, across multiple body zones with the best possible results.


cryolipolysis machines rented from £70



System Features

• High-resolution, operator controlled touch screen

• High-resolution LCD display screens on each handset

• iCycle X-treme, customisable cooling to -9°C

• Cyclone vacuum system with digitally controlled massage feature

• iCycle Thermo-Flux automatically reverses cooling to heat skin tissue, avoiding frostbite

• Twin-channel handsets allow 2 treatments to be delivered simultaneously

• Integrated patient heart rate monitoring

• Full system analysis and diagnostics mode performs machine health check

• Fully automated self-cleaning, with click-fit waste reservoirs

• Integrated handset storage makes machine user friendly and storage simple

• Superior technology for exceptional results

isolipo uses 2 fat removal handsets to kill & remove stubborn fat


a free no obligation fat freezing cryolipolysis treatment



iCycle X-treme is the newest cryolipolysis technology dropping the skin lower, safer for longer

iCycle X-treme

The latest incarnation of the well-known digital cooling system from LiteFLO brand system is central to the isoLipo. This new version offers incredible levels of cooling, dropping the system as low as -9°C in seconds. This sub-zero output is what ‘freezes’ the fat, offering those incredible isoLip results!


thermo-flux drops the fat to a critical temperature then rises it to normal to allow a better fat removal treatment


Only found on isoLipo machines the Thermo-Flux is clever system that heats the skin tissue during a treatment as opposed to the fat cells that are being cooled. This makes the skin more flexible, allowing for a better treatment, but more importantly protects the skin from frost damage too.


Cyclone technology uses a specialised cryo lipo vacuum which can massage the skin

Cyclone Massage

Again another isoLipo only feature – the Cyclone Massage. Computer controlled automatic tissue massage enhances the blood flow encouraged by the Thermo-Flux technology as well as the affect that the iCycle X-treme is having on the breakdown of the fat cells. As if the isoLipo wasn’t offering superb results already – Cyclone Massage takes it a step further!



before and after cryo lipo vacuum - cryogenic treatment


8-12 WEEKS


Fat in the treatment zone is visually and measurably reduced 8-12 weeks after treatment, but the results can keep developing up to 16 weeks after application.

The fat ‘frozen’ by the treatment has been broken down and removed by the body’s natural process!


Technical Details

iCycle X-treme range: +5°c to -9°C

Thermo-Flux range: +37°C to +45°C

Cyclone Vacuum range: 10 to 80 Kpa

Red spectrum output: 630 nm

Green spectrum output: 570 nm

Frostbite Protection system: isoLipo S3 sheet

4 handsets included (maximum of any 2 in operation at the same time):

Handset S: Small 9.5cm x 4.5cm

Handset M: Medium 13.5cm x 5cmm

Handset L: Large 19.5cm x 6cm

Handset XL: Extra Large 33cm x 8cmm

Dimensions: 57 x 66 x 139 cm

Weight: 70 kg

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How Does Photo Facial Work?

Photorejuvenation is a method of skin rejuvenation that involves an intense pulse of light into the skin. The pulsed light penetrates the dermis and increases cell regeneration. The cell regeneration stimulates collagen growth which helps volumise the skin to reduce wrinkles and healing.
Because of this, IPL Photorejuvenation isn't only used for treating wrinkles, but for skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and sun damage.


Stand-Alone Photo Facial IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Light Based Skin Rejuvenation alone can be an effective and lucrative treatment to offer. 

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SHR Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation

Pain-Free hair removal with an added skin rejuvenation handset. Essentially two machines in one.

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Diode Laser Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation

Diode Laser Hair Removal, faster and more permanent than Lite Flo. With added Skin Rejuvenation.

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Carbon Laser Facial Nd:YAG Machine

Carbon Laser Facials for collagen stimulation, great for adding once-lost volume to the skin.

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Narrow Spectrum Wavelength

IPL channels light from a specific spectrum for better results. We model our wavelength narrowly at 560-960nm, as opposed to the typical 560-1200nm wavelength. This means that there is less wasted energy from the pulse and the skin is allowed to absorb more of the effective parts of the spectrum.

The Perfect Balance

Our optics are made from the purest optical quartz sourceable; allowing for a perfectly tuned spectrum wavelength. The contact crystal is 8mm x 40mm which is just small enough to get into tight areas but large enough treat large areas of the body quickly. The smaller spot size allows for more energy to contact the skin; giving better results.

Customize Your Treatment

Every client is different, so one treatment can't suit all of them. With Glo, you can adjust fine details such as pulse width, pulse duration, power output and cooling to make sure your customer's treatments are safe, comfortable and effective.

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Training Package

We provide an in-depth manufacturers training course, for up to 4 delegates. This course covers the operation of your infinity through to the theory and practical treatment processes.

By the end of the training, you will have hands-on experience with infinity treatments, preparing you to perform effective treatments.

We don't leave it there; you get the direct contact details for your trainer where they can deliver ongoing support with treatment advice.

Machine Package

  • Fully certified training delivered by medical professionals
  • Full support treatment support
  • 24 months comprehensive warranty
  • 12 months service agreement including onsite servicing
  • Marketing package that includes point of sale and digital files
  • Documentation package: consultation packs, consent & record cards
  • Affordable on-going costs: servicing, applicator refurbishment etc.