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Key Features

• High-Res. 10.5" HD manoeuvrable touch-screen
• InteliPulse software for millisecond waveform adjustment
• Cycle customisable skin cooling
• Dedicated FLO Hair Removal handset
• Client auto-configuration*
• High Performance Xenon unit
• Crystal coupling for high energy transfer
• Integrated digital and liquid cooling
• Side-shielded crystal to increase safety


• Multi-burst shot per second continuous delivery
• Quad capacitors for stable energy output
• Full recharge in less than 1/10th of a second
• Quadruple capacitors for ‘LiteFLO’ non-stop treatment*
• Fast & simple to adjust and setup
• Superior technology for exceptional results
• Multiple safety features for both client and operator
• Comfortable treatment due to sophisticated energy delivery



Technical Details

Output - Energy Density: 10 - 50 J/cm2
Pulse Method: InteliPulse customisable waveform / LiteFLO rolling waveform
Pulse Sequence: 1,2,3,4,5
Pulse Intermission: 5 - 60 ms
Pulse Width: 2 - 15 ms / 2 - 20ms
Pulse Frequency: 0.3 - 1Hz / 1 - 10 Hz
Delivery System: Sapphire crystal coupling
Standard Output Spot: 8 x 40 mm2 - Dedicated FLO IPL Hair Removal
Cooling System: iCycle+ liquid refrigerated, ram-air and semi-conductor
Cooling Range: -4 - 0oC (user adjustable)
Power Supply: 220v / 50Hz (2000W)
Dimensions: 61 x 46 x 36 cm
Weight: 31 Kg



InteliBriteFLO-ONE IPL Treatments

The advanced technology of the InteliBrite can be used to deliver a range of treatments. Treatment can be provided on the face or body, over a course of sessions. Improvement begins from the first session and increases until the programme is complete. Treatment is fast and results are long-term or permanent.

• Permanent hair removal/reduction






Adjustable Screen

The InteliBriteFLO-ONE uses a specialised 10.5" touch screen mounted to a movable bracket, making it the largest screen & user friendly mounted to an InteliBrite IPL Machine.

Having the screen mounted on an adjustable bracket allows you to raise, pan & tilt the screen for the optimum position. It also allows for the machine to be kept on different sized trolleys & surfaces.

With the larger screen, we have developed our easiest use IPL Machine Software, on the front end it allows the therapist to set the machine up for use is a shorter time and eliminates a majority of user errors for treatment. In the back end, the software is constantly monitoring the treatment and making corrects on the fly. With both informed therapist and an intelligent machine, treatments have never been so rewarding, pain-free & fast.





 treo peel is a leading chemical peel machine delivering an amazing hydra dermabrasion treatment

The Original Cyclonic Chemical Peel 


Facial skin resurfacing combining chemical peeling, purification, high-nutrient hydration with hydro & contact dermabrasion.

No discomfort or downtime. 


More Affordable Than You Think


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