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Being professionals, you have seen that Hair removal treatments are going through a season of change.

Cosmetic technology has progressed to the point where Diode Lasers are affordable, effective & reliable, giving all salon owners the ability to deliver a 'Low Cost | High Profit' treatments.


Did we mention, we're based close to Huddersfield in West Yorkshire! 


diode laser hair removal machines supplied to you in West Yorkshire



Decades Of Experience

HPT is a long established UK supplier; our speciality is light-based cosmetic equipment used for hair & skin.

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HPT are Authorised & Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority; this means we can supply you the best finance options available.

Brilliant prices & low running costs,
gives you the ability to turn a profit.

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With this & much more as standard,
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If you’re successful, so are we!




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More Options Than Ever Before


We offer you a wide range of diode lasers to deliver treatments from Laser Hair Removal through to Skin Rejuvenation, from entry-level pure and simple devices through to triple wavelength lasers that allow you to treat all skin types.



infinity diode hair removal laser 2300w 

808nm | Hair Removal

Utilising a single micro handset, delivering a single wavelength, you can achieve exceptional results.

infinity laser hair removal 2600w 

808nm | Hair Removal

The best choice for professionals who want effective treatments, but a high-profit return.

infinity the UK's most power diode hair removal machine 2900w

808nm | Hair Removal

A macro-channel diode laser allows for higher energy & less tissue damage than ever.




Rejuve delivers 808nm & 560nm for hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments

808nm | Hair Removal
560nm | Skin Rejuvenation

Deliver effective Diode Hair Removal treatments alongside a separate Skin Rejuvenation applicator.

Trinity 3in1 give you a trilogy of hair removal for all skin types

755nm 808nm 1064nm
Hair Removal

Using a single applicator, which delivers in stages 3 wavelengths, you can treat all skin types.

the most powerful diode laser to deliver 755nm 808nm and 1064nm from a single machine

755nm 808nm 1064nm
Hair Removal

Utilising 3 separate handsets, all using a specific wavelength, you can treat all skin types effectively.




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Diode Laser Hair Removal | FAQ


I want to buy a laser hair removal machine, but I think there is too much competition. What do I do?

IPL is the most common equipment used to deliver hair removal treatments. Although effective in most cases, an exact laser like a diode is better.

Genuine laser hair removal equipment was expensive, but with advancements in technology, the prices have come down massively.

With this all in mind, most of your competition will be from salons that use IPL.
For those who have a laser such a slow pulsed yag or an older diode, their machines will of costing them around £30,000 - £60,000. This means they have to charge more per treatment.

There is a gap in the market, just for you to deliver laser hair removal, with minimal competition & the infinity diode is the machine that can do this for you.


Does diode laser hair removal hurt?

No, not really.
It is not pain-free like the Lite FLO IPL machine, but diode is not as painful as the traditional IPL machines, and their rubber band flick feel you got.

It is not painful like a traditional laser like a slow pulsed YAG or the older generation diode lasers.



Is laser hair removal effective?

Yes, in most cases!
There are lots of variants to give just a simple yes, but the simplified answer is in most cases yes.

Some of the variations are: treatment technique, usage & age of applicator, customer are human (no two are the same), how close treatment are & much more.


Diode, is it a laser or is it IPL?

Simple, its a laser!

IPL devices use a specialised lamp which outputs a broad spectrum of light; this gets filtered and narrowed down to a selected range (such as 690 - 950nm).
But you get a selected range of light that is unwanted for the treatment, which can pose a risk to the surrounding tissue.

Diodes are a laser, they output a single wavelength of the light spectrum, with the infinity diode it is 808nm, which is the best for hair removal.


What body areas can be treated?

Pretty much everywhere on the body, obvious areas that could pose a risk to health cannot be treated.
Every customer will be different, dependant on their medical history, medication etc.


What is better, a machine that does 3 wavelengths (Trilogy 755nm, 808nm & 1064nm) or a single wavelength?

The triple wavelength handset has appeared so you can treat a broader range of skin types.

But it is not as effective in delivering results as a single wavelength handset.

Where a triple wavelength may have the edge, is if you have a diverse and robust scope of customers. It is good to try and serve all your customer base than just a section of it.


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