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 Get Frosty with Non-Costly Fat Freezing


Deliver safe & effective treatments with the new 2019 isoLipo Fat Freezing Machine.



Types of Fat Removal / Reduction Treatments

Fat freezing (Also known as cryolipolysis) is the superior option for non-invasive body shaping treatments; It is the go-to option for those who want to avoid liposuction but want results.

Apart from the invasive route, there are only 2 real options, being cryolipolysis and laser lipo.



Liposuction is an invasive form for fat removal, unlike isolipo which is a fat freezing machine
isolipo is a cryolipolysis fat freezing machine 
laser lipo treatment do not deliver fat reduction results


Liposuction is an invasive procedure that involves many people's worst fears: knives and needles.

Liposuction is an advanced & dangerous procedure; doctors can only perform it. Liposuction is a last port of call when other avenues have been exhausted.

Effective, Invasive, Expensive
Treatment works, but it is the last option.


isoLipo | Cryolipolysis & Cavitation

isoLipo delivers results using a 2 staged treatment system;
1. Cavitation as a pre-treatment, damaging the fat cells
2. Cryolipoplysis treatment which then breaks the bonds between the fat cells.

Then your body's lymphatic system helps to pass the damaged fat from the body.

Fat Freezing bypasses the risk of surgery & invasive damage to tissues & nerves.

Non-invasive, Effective & Affordable!
A Treatment Backed-up By Results

Laser Lipo

Laser Lipo use pads, which have built-in LED's, these LED's output a specific light wavelength in the infrared spectrum.

The infrared light is supposed to heat the fat cells and break the bond, allowing the body to remove naturally.

Non-invasive, Lacking Results
Could work, but typically doesn't.


All fat removal or reduction based treatments are not to be used as a cure, but as part of a healthy & active lifestyle.
The best way to help your customers see results is to give them the right information, realistic result expectations & the right advice!



Why choose isoLipo?

For £85 per week, you don't only get a machine. High Profile Technologies offers a complete training and machine package with continuous technical and operational support.

Training Package

We provide an in-depth manufacturer's training course, for up to 4 delegates. This course covers the operation of your isoLipo, from the theory through to the practical treatment processes.

By the end of training, you will have hands-on experience with isoLipo Fat Freezing, preparing you to perform effective treatments.

We don't leave it there; you get the direct contact details for your trainer where they can deliver ongoing support and treatment advice.

Machine Package

  • Fully certified training delivered by medical professionals
  • Full technical and treatment support
  • 24-month comprehensive warranty Read More >
  • Marketing package that includes a point of sale and digital files
  • Training documents that includes consultation, consent & record cards
  • Affordable on-going costs for servicing, consumables, training etc.



Fat Freezing | FAQ

What Is Cryolipolysis?

isoLipo delivers effective fat reduction. How is this possible? With frostbite!

Scientists studying the effects of frostbite on alpine mountaineers discovered that fat cells crystallise and break down at higher temperatures than other cells.

Thanks to specialist research and development, our isoLipo fat freezing machine combines this science & technology to remove fat cells from the body safely.

How Does Fat Freezing Work?

Fat cells are hypersensitive to cold temperature, and they freeze faster than their surrounding tissue.

The isoLipo machine works by sucking the fatty tissue into the cup, then freezing that area of the body to break down fat cells.

Once the cells are broken down, they are drained away via the lymphatic system, which removes them from the body.

How is Cryolipolysis Different To Typical Weight Loss?

When you typically lose weight, your fat cells shrink.

With this shrinking, there is the possibility that the cells may one day increase in size if you put on weight.

But isoLipo destroys those cells; thus minimising the possibility of weight gain in areas that have had fat-freezing treatments.

Is Fat Freezing Bettwer Than Liposuction

Liposuction is effective; it is an invasive treatment which manually removes fat

Yes. Unlike surgical liposuction, fat freezing doesn't leave any unsightly loose skin.

On top of that, clients report that it's far less painful.

We don't need to mention how fat freezing is far less invasive - it's not a surgical treatment.






Why you should invest in isoLipo Cryolipolysis Equipment  


Liposuction is seen as an exclusive and expensive method of weight loss; reserved only for celebrities who can afford it.

With fat freezing, this is no longer true. You don't need a wealthy client base as it is an affordable treatment for your typical customer.

In the age of internet influencers and reality television stars, the demand for beauty treatments is growing rapidly. Procedures like Fat Freezing are in higher demand than ever, and you can deliver them to those in need.

Fat Freezing it is expected to be one of the most popular treatments in 2019.

While fat freezing treatments are less expensive than surgical liposuction, it is still a highly profitable treatment for practitioners, and the customer base is there!

There is far less competition for fat freezing treatments than there is for other beauty treatments like hair removal or botox.

It's a good idea to get your foot in the door before sooner rather than later.



Get the isoLipo 2019 model 

deliver cavitation and fat freezing from one cosmetic machine 


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