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PUBLISHED 15 Oct 2014

Intense Pulsed Light IPL Applicator

For a few years now, we have been asked the same questions from a wide range of customers.

“How do I get the most out of my IPL handset? How do I know when it needs refurbishing?”


Things to Know About IPL Lamps

First of all, we will clear up a common misconception, the lamps we use, as many IPL Specialists, are Long Arc Xenon Lamps. These lamps have an efficiency rating of 50,000 pulses ±10% for standard IPL machine applicators and for the InteliBriteFLO using the LiteFLO Machine Technology an efficacy rating of 400,000 pulses ±10%.
With a prolonged use of this style of lamp, wall ablation and jitter develops. (The Technological Jargon – This is basically the anode and cathode elements inside the lamp breaking down slowly and minute fractures on the lamp wall) This causes the lamp to fail, if pushed passed recommended use then a catastrophic failure will occur which will cause greater damage to the flow tube and reflector.
When 50,000 shots or 400,00 on the InteliBriteFLO have been reached, the Xenon Lamp has lost the majority of its power through a gas breakdown, node corrosion and water build up on the lamp outer walls. This will stop the efficacy of the treatments being sustained.
PUBLISHED 29 Jul 2014

IPL and laser machines are sophisticated pieces of technological equipment.

Designed to meet the treatment requirements that the aesthetic and beauty industry demands, they are cutting-edge lumps of circuit boards, capacitors, optics, LCD screens and cables.

Like all forms of technology, advances are made on a yearly basis, and these machines are no exception. Users of a machine that’s 3 or more years old may typically look to upgrade or replace the machine with something newer.

The owner is left with the old machine, having replaced it with the new model, will often choose to sell the old machine second hand. A buyer looking for a good value system will often come across such an offer either on the internet or in a trade magazine. This is often where the buyer begins to mistake ‘cheap’ and 'ipl machine for sale' for ‘good value’.

The seller will very reasonably want to sell the machine for as much as they can get, but will want to make it cheap enough to reflect it’s used condition and age and to make it appealing for a quick sale. The low price tag for such advanced equipment that can make such substantial profits will appeal to anyone who is looking to make their first move into laser or IPL beauty treatment delivery.

PUBLISHED 29 Jul 2014

iCycle Water VS. Distilled Water

An industry standard for liquid based cooling in cosmetic lasers and IPL machines is distilled water. Distilled water is a great product for irons or car batteries, but it has no place in aesthetic laser machines. 

All good IPL Machines and Aesthetic Laser Machines use liquid cooling for their lamps and for the contact crystals, this liquid is usually overlooked as to the quality and the conditions it is put through inside the machine. 


Why Distilled Water is a Bad Choice For You Aesthetic Laser Machines

Open Air Systems draw their air from outside the machine; this also draws in contaminants from the surrounding area (in salons there is all sorts of dust, nail filing dust & talcum powder).

When these contaminants inevitably make their way to the cooling liquid they will contaminate turning the purity of distilled water impure.

The cooling liquid runs through to the handset so it is able to cool down the IPL Applicator Lamp; but the heat given off from the lamp reacts with the, now impure, distilled liquid and causes growth of algae at an alarming rate.

PUBLISHED 10 Jun 2014

To perform IPL Treatments and Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal Treatments your insurance requires regular servicing.

For any aesthetics business insurance is key to protecting against any misfortune brought about by Laser Hair Removal treatments or salon equipment going wrong. The insurance is there to protect your customers, your employees, yourself and the business enabling you to keep delivering quality services.

It is safe to say that insurance of your intense pulsed light treatments is of some importance to the growth of your business and the protection of it's future.

Now imagine that this important insurance is revoked on one of your most successful & profitable treatments. You will no longer be able to perform these hair removal treatments until you jump through the hoops which the insurance companies set. Let's estimate; to complete what your insurer requires will take two weeks, it's not just two weeks of profitable treatments you have missed out on, it's two weeks of turning away customers who, unless they are very loyal, will not come back for treatments, and those who do will more than likely want some kind of discount.

By this point your customer base is reduced and extra discounts have been given. Couple this with equipment payments, staff pay & the time it will take to build up treatment sales when re-insured, and your cash flow will be off for at least 3 weeks, and not to mention the stress it will induce on you and your staff.

This is the situation that salons will be finding themselves in. Insurance companies are clamping down, and not insuring unserviced equipment which delivers treatments to the public.

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