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InteliBriteFLO - LiteFLO IPL

InteliBriteFLO - LiteFLO IPL (3)

PUBLISHED 15 Oct 2014

LiteFLO puts laser into the dark ages

Since launching the LiteFLO+, the only system on the market to use quad-capacitor technology, innovators High Profile Technologies Ltd haven’t looked back – literally.

Jake Hoyle, Technical Director of High Profile Technologies Ltd explains: “The Company has succeed because it’s always offered more powerful, focused equipment that gets the job done better than the competition  - the new LiteFLO technology on these new IPL machines is no different to that formula.

“We’ve taken a concept that makes delivery over 5 times faster, treatment absolutely pain-free and at the same time increased both safety and results.  All of that in the single package of the InteliBrite LiteFLO + has seen us inundated with orders for the machines.  No one wants traditional IPL or laser hair removal treatments, or anything else, now.”

PUBLISHED 10 Jun 2014

full body hair removal in minutes with diode hair removal

Bikini line ‘laser’ hair removal - faster than ever before thanks to the new LiteFLO!

Did you know it takes around 12 hours to fly on a plane from the UK to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil,

but under 5 minutes to have a Bikini line hair removal treatment with LiteFLO?

It used to be impossible to deliver IPL treatment of unwanted hair so quickly, but thanks to the brand new system from the suppliers of the InteliBrite IPL system, treatments are not only over in minutes but totally pain-free too!

Bikini line hair removal is more popular and widely accepted than it ever has been - the main reason for the huge increase in demand from clients over the last decade.


To get the look they want clients have put up with years of pain – whether from waxing or laser treatment.  The new LiteFLO provides a quick, pleasant and comfortable treatment that leaves clients smiling not crying!

PUBLISHED 10 Jun 2014

head, shoulders, knees and toes, full body laser hair removal in just minutes 



The brand new InteliBrite IPL LiteFLO system means that ever more popular full body laser hair removal treatment is done in minutes, with no pain.

In recent decades body hair for both men and women has become less and less desirable.  This has led to more people choosing to have more and more hair removed than ever before.

In years gone by waxing was always the staple choice of hair removal for the masses – it was accessible, affordable and had many advantages over shaving or creams.

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