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Trade in Your Salon’s Old Equipment and Receive £1,000 Featured

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Scrap your old salon equipment and update to the latest

High Profile Technologies (HPT) feel strongly about modernising the beauty and wellness industry. That’s why we’re rolling out a new scheme through which your beauty clinic can cash in on its outdated machinery and receive up to £1,000 toward the purchase of a state-of-the-art InteliBriteFLO IPL machine.

This is a great opportunity for beauty salons. We have found that many small operations simply do not have the cash flow needed to properly reinvest in their facilities. Routine bills and expenses make it difficult to afford substantial financial outlays like this.

Just take a moment to consider all of the routine expenses that your salon or clinic incurs:

* Supplies: In-house equipment, treatment accessories and an inventory of premium products to offer clients.

* Maintenance: Equipment, appliances and IPL machines all have to be maintained, repaired and ultimately replaced before they become obsolete.

* Marketing: Unless you channel significant energy, resources and capital into the promotion of your business, customers are much less likely to find your shop.

* Monthly Bills: This includes the general cost of renting a space and then of heating, cooling, cleaning, powering and ensuring it.

Needless to say, expenses add up, and small salon operators quickly find that they simply don’t have the cash on hand to upgrade old equipment. This is where HPT can help.

Upgrade Your Beauty Salon We work hard to understand the challenges faced by a small salon and clinic operators. In many cases, we find that older equipment tends to be pushed to the side, ultimately becoming an expensive ornament that only gets in the way and serves little (if any) purpose in the process.

Of course, salon operators have few options when their old equipment passes its use-by date. Usually, the best they can do is take it down to the local skip and pay to

have it recycled, but that takes time and even costs money. Otherwise, their only choice is to allow it to continue to clutter their workspace and collect dust.

But now with this offer from HPT, you can receive up to £1,000 for equipment that you would have otherwise had to pay to get rid of. Whether the equipment is lightly used, obsolete or even broken, we’ll take it off your hands. The only stipulation is that your company must be its sole owner, with no outstanding financial obligations attached to it.

Then you can put the £1,000 you receive toward the purchase of a new hair removal machine that uses our pain-free LiteFLO technology. Normally, we can place this machine in your shop for as little as £50 per week. But under this new scheme, you can get rid of your old equipment and start using one of our new IPL hair removal machines instead. It’s a high value-for-money offer.

Connect with HPT via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to learn more about offers like this one. And if you have any questions, feel free to consult our website or get in touch with us directly by calling 01422524006.

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