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Old for New - Beauty Scrappage Scheme Featured

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New for Old on all beauty products

Trade in an old beauty machine for up to £1000 discount off a new product for High Profile Technologies.

 High Profile Technologies have now released a new scheme for all salons & clinics to cash in there old beauty machines for up to £1000 against a purchase of a new product.

We feel strongly in modernising the industry, older equipment tends to be pushed to the side and becomes an expensive ornament. The options are usually to take them down to the local skip and pay for them to be recycled or to just leave them in a corner / box room. Instead of this HPT (High Profile Technologies) will give you up to £1000 for the same equipment which you would have to pay for disposal. The scheme applies to all used, broken, old or new equipment if it be from the UK or overseas, the only condition is that you or your company are the sole owner of the equipment and that you have no financial commitment relating to the equipment, we will require a form to signed stating that you are free from any such obligations.

The £1000 is used against the purchase of a new highly profitable and safe beauty machine, take the InteliBriteFLO-ONE which uses our 'Pain Free Hair Removal LiteFLO Technology' which retails around £50 per week will only cost you around £40 per week instead.


What do to do now:

easy to use website for beauty professionals InteliBrite LiteFLO is the worlds most affordable ipl machine professional beauty training and certification

Step 1

Give us a call on 01422524006 to discuss that you want to trade in and what new equipment you are looking for

Step 2

Arrange a demonstration on the equipment your looking at, once satisfied and at the point of ordering the £1000 discount will be applied

Step 3

On delivery of your new machine the engineers will collect your old equipment for disposal 



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