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Get The Most Out Of Your IPL Applicator!!

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Intense Pulsed Light IPL Applicator

For a few years now, we have been asked the same questions from a wide range of customers.

“How do I get the most out of my IPL handset? How do I know when it needs refurbishing?”


Things to Know About IPL Lamps

First of all, we will clear up a common misconception, the lamps we use, as many IPL Specialists, are Long Arc Xenon Lamps. These lamps have an efficiency rating of 50,000 pulses ±10% for standard IPL machine applicators and for the InteliBriteFLO using the LiteFLO Machine Technology an efficacy rating of 400,000 pulses ±10%.
With a prolonged use of this style of lamp, wall ablation and jitter develops. (The Technological Jargon – This is basically the anode and cathode elements inside the lamp breaking down slowly and minute fractures on the lamp wall) This causes the lamp to fail, if pushed passed recommended use then a catastrophic failure will occur which will cause greater damage to the flow tube and reflector.
When 50,000 shots or 400,00 on the InteliBriteFLO have been reached, the Xenon Lamp has lost the majority of its power through a gas breakdown, node corrosion and water build up on the lamp outer walls. This will stop the efficacy of the treatments being sustained.


Things to Know About IPL Applicators

Secondly, there are a number of components which will wear and tear in the IPL treatment applicator other than just the IPL Lamp.

There is the IPL Reflector, IPL Flow Tube & IPL Holder Chassis,

Our IPL Applicators are liquid cooled. We use a formulated 'double distilled and de-ionised’ liquid with an added unique formula which kills algae. We call this our specialised 'iCycle Liquid'. 

Using distilled water in your IPL system causes the lamp and flow tube develop a build-up of impurities.  This build-up will absorb certain wavelengths of light from the lamp and also it will reflect other wavelengths from passing through to the filters. This build-up hinders the full potential of the lamp. Our iCycle Coolant Liquid will prevent this build up and prolong the life of your lamp.



With these components being compromised, from prolonged use, and the lamp destroying its self with every use you need to get your IPL Applicator refurbished. With our IPL Applicators, we recommend that you don’t exceed a 50,000 shot count.

Also, you need to consider that if you treat your clients, with an IPL Applicator which has done over 50,000 shots, you’re more than likely to perform an ineffective treatment.

We advise that end user, the customers who will be receiving the treatments, to ask to know when the handset was last refurbished and the current shot count. Customers are entitled to see if the treatment they are paying for is going to have the best chance of working.


The Service Team

As a standard, we strip the complete IPL Applicator to the bone. We use specialised cleaning and testing equipment to rebuild the applicator heads. After the rebuild, the whole wiring and cooling system are tested and repaired as needed.

When the service team has completed your IPL Applicator, it will be tested by one of our RGN nurses. You can rest assured that you will be receiving it back to the best possible standard.



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