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Tattoo Removal – Big business, getting bigger by the day! Featured

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tattoo removal with minimum pain with new nd yag laser

LBrite Nd:AYG Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal – Big business, getting bigger by the day!


More than 20% of the population of the UK now have at least one tattoo – that’s approximately 12 million people.  

Polls showed that almost 19% of those people with a tattoo suffer from regret over the tattoo.

While most people with tattoos are happy (for the time being) with their tattoo it means that 2.4 million aren’t and would choose to have them removed.

Most people obtain tattoos in their late teens or early twenties, and just over half are women.  Typically around 10 years later the individual’s life has changed and more than half stated they ‘suffered embarrassment’.

A new job, problems finding appropriate clothing and a significant life event (specifically a wedding, divorce or arrival of a baby) are commonly quoted as the motivation to want to remove a tattoo.


LBrite – The answer to the problem

In the past tattoos were erased by removing the skin tissue.  This lead to significant scarring, that would in many cases look more unsightly than the tattoo that had been removed.  

The discovery of ‘selective photothermolysis’ means that it is now possible to target tattoo ink, without causing damage to the surrounding tissue structure – by using a laser.

The Lbrite Nd:YAG laser operates at 1064nm and provides optimum removal of black and blue tattoo ink – because it’s outside of the visible spectrum it’s safe and effective on light and dark skin types.

As well as being highly effective in its normal state the Lbrite Nd:YAG has a ‘frequency-doubling’ module which adjusts output to 532nm for the effective treatment of coloured tattoos.



LBrite – full package, available now

The LBrite is a cutting-edge Nd:YAG laser unit designed specifically for the removal of tattoos.

The LBrite is supplied as standard with fully certified manufacturer’s training, delivered by medical staff.  The training includes health and safety, maintenance, relevant physiology and anatomy modules, consultation and consent process, application and treatment delivery.  In addition all documents, forms and paperwork are provided and you will benefit from ongoing support from the medical staff who trained you.

You will also receive a full warranty, giving you total peace of mind, as well as a service agreement to ensure that your equipment is professionally maintained by regular onsite service visits.

A marketing package is supplied to assist in the promotion and advertising of the device and related treatments, as is the support of our in-house design department.


LBrite – Laser Tattoo Removal – you do the maths!

With the superb LBrite Nd:YAG system and support packages and with a potential 2.4 million customers it’s simple to be successful.

For further information on the LBrite Nd:YAG contact us now:

08445 611 050

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