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The Training Team Featured

PUBLISHED 29 Jul 2014 AUTHOR High Profile Technologies Ltd CATEGORY
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The Training Team

Here at High Profile Technologies Ltd, we provide distinguished training packages for both new and existing customers. Our training days are delivered by one of our RGN nurses, and are always delivered in small intimate groups; ensuring that all people trained understand the principles and objectives of the training days.

Our specialised IPL Training programme includes the following:
> Intense Pulse Light – How it works? 
> The Fitzpatrick Scale and understanding skin types 
> The consultation process           
> Pre and post treatment care 
> Patch Test procedure 
> Treatment protocol 
> Contraindications of IPL 
> Appropriate use of the machine – ensuring safe and effective treatments 
> Parameter principles 
> IPL and Hair removal
> IPL and Skin Rejuvenation (If your machine is compatible)
> Practical - The applied technique of IPL

Depending upon your system specification, training will last either one or two full days. We provide both options, of you coming to us, or us coming to you.

Although Pre and Post- Treatment care is fully covered within our training programme, our RGN Nurses are available to provide support if any treatment queries do arise. We also offer a ‘Refresher Training Day’. This will give you the opportunity to revise the theory and practical modules of the training, allowing you to maintain a professional high standard whilst delivering your IPL treatments.

If you would like further information on our IPL training packages, or would like to speak to one of our RGN Nurses, then please call us on >

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