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Why iCycle is The Right Choice For IPL Machines... Featured

PUBLISHED 29 Jul 2014 AUTHOR High Profile Technologies Ltd CATEGORY
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Why iCycle is The Right Choice For IPL Machines... High Profile Technologies Ltd

iCycle Water VS. Distilled Water

An industry standard for liquid based cooling in cosmetic lasers and IPL machines is distilled water. Distilled water is a great product for irons or car batteries, but it has no place in aesthetic laser machines. 

All good IPL Machines and Aesthetic Laser Machines use liquid cooling for their lamps and for the contact crystals, this liquid is usually overlooked as to the quality and the conditions it is put through inside the machine. 


Why Distilled Water is a Bad Choice For You Aesthetic Laser Machines

Open Air Systems draw their air from outside the machine; this also draws in contaminants from the surrounding area (in salons there is all sorts of dust, nail filing dust & talcum powder).

When these contaminants inevitably make their way to the cooling liquid they will contaminate turning the purity of distilled water impure.

The cooling liquid runs through to the handset so it is able to cool down the IPL Applicator Lamp; but the heat given off from the lamp reacts with the, now impure, distilled liquid and causes growth of algae at an alarming rate.


The algae will work through the whole of the ICU (Internal Cooling Unit) through the pump, reservoir and applicator. It will eventually cause the applicators intricate cooling tunnels to clog up, which will then cause the lamp to start overheating. This means the lamp will eventually blow. The pressure that was built from the water being steamed by the overheating lamp has to take the path of least resistance; this path tends to be straight through the flow tube made of quarts which surrounds the lamp.

This will unblock some of the intricate cooling tunnels and the flow of water will start coming out of the applicator.

A Closed Air System using distilled water is prone to the same faults but, in theory, the contamination should take a little longer to take effect.

This is a big issue to all suppliers. Many devices use a filtration system along side regular handset refurbishments with a minimum shot count. This is also a flawed process. Filtration is a step in the right direction of filtering the built up contaminant of algae out, but the contamination still remains in the distilled water and will grow again.


iCycle Liquid

Don’t be disheartened about distilled water; there is a light at the end of the tunnel, which comes in the form of a product named ‘iCycle Liquid’.

iCycle is a very special product, it is a liquid which fights against the formation of algae, it’s a liquid which prolongs the life of your IPL Applicator / Cosmetic Laser Applicator and it’s a product which will save you money.


 A Liquid, Which Fights;

iCycle liquid is a double distilled and deionized water, so from the beginning it is a better quality product than what is classed as the industry standard. Added to this double distilled and deionized water is a specialized solution which is a non-organic algae fighter.

The trick of iCycle is that it doesn’t affect the output of the wavelength but stops the growth of algae; due to the solution being non-organic it doesn’t have a life span until it becomes ineffective.


A Liquid, Which Prolongs Applicator Life;

Now the iCycle liquid is fighting the good fight against algae, it allows the applicator lamp to have full and effective cooling. The intricate cooling tunnels are clear and allow for 100% flow around the applicator head and back to the main ICU.

When your Applicator lamp is kept in the correct operating parameters there is less strain on the lamp tube. The effects which can take place are called ‘Wall Ablation’ and ‘Jitter’, these were covered in a previous article.


A Liquid, Which Saves You Money;

The savings of using iCycle are clear.

You don’t have to replace your handset as frequently – due to no build up of algae.

You cut down the possibility of a handset explosion by overheating – it only has to happen the once near your customer and you will  instantaneously lose business and potentially more from word of mouth.

An applicator delivering the right amount of power, every time – when your application has a buildup of algae on the reflection, energy is lost and wasted by the contamination, causing you to perform unnecessary multiple treatments.

And many more reasons..



iCycle by all accounts is a benefit to you and your IPL Machine or Cosmetic Laser Machine.


The InteliBrite IPL Machines, InteliBrite Cosmetic Laser Machines and the LBrite Laser Tattoo Removal machines now only operate with iCycle liquid.

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