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Does Your Insurance Require Equipment Servicing?

PUBLISHED 10 Jun 2014 AUTHOR High Profile Technologies Ltd CATEGORY
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To perform IPL Treatments and Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal Treatments your insurance requires regular servicing.

For any aesthetics business insurance is key to protecting against any misfortune brought about by Laser Hair Removal treatments or salon equipment going wrong. The insurance is there to protect your customers, your employees, yourself and the business enabling you to keep delivering quality services.

It is safe to say that insurance of your intense pulsed light treatments is of some importance to the growth of your business and the protection of it's future.

Now imagine that this important insurance is revoked on one of your most successful & profitable treatments. You will no longer be able to perform these hair removal treatments until you jump through the hoops which the insurance companies set. Let's estimate; to complete what your insurer requires will take two weeks, it's not just two weeks of profitable treatments you have missed out on, it's two weeks of turning away customers who, unless they are very loyal, will not come back for treatments, and those who do will more than likely want some kind of discount.

By this point your customer base is reduced and extra discounts have been given. Couple this with equipment payments, staff pay & the time it will take to build up treatment sales when re-insured, and your cash flow will be off for at least 3 weeks, and not to mention the stress it will induce on you and your staff.

This is the situation that salons will be finding themselves in. Insurance companies are clamping down, and not insuring unserviced equipment which delivers treatments to the public.



From experience with Intense Pulsed Light we know that one of the issues insurance companies have is the use of unserviced equipment; the equipment needs a thorough service before the insurance is up for renewal.


How can we say this? We can because it is the right thing for your customers. There are salons up and down the country which deliver lots of treatments with old equipment that doesn't perform as well as it should, and when they are denied insurance, lose customers, business and profit.
With insurance clamping down, these types of businesses will find it harder and harder to deliver insured treatments. This means your customers will stay your customers (as long as your delivering value and quality).


BE SMART! The ideal method to be protected is to get another IPL warranty & service contract from your equipment supplier, but we know this is not always possible for customers.
Call and speak to your insurer, ask if you need servicing or a service contract when your policy is up for renewal.
If you can be prepared to meet the criteria set by the insurer for your aesthetic laser machine, then you can make sure that you're not going to be put in the situation explained above.


We would always advise that a service contract is taken out which offers full protection rather than one off servicing. One off servicing for IPL Lasers is only requested for the following circumstances:
* Insurance company requests service for the customer to renew insurance.
* Equipment has been unused for long period of time.
* The device is going to be resold by the customer, and wants a final service to ensure it is in a good and working condition.

In summary:
* Call your insurance company and find out what requirements they have for your policy renewal.
* Speak to your Aesthetic Laser Supplier and find out the costs of a new service contract and for one off servicing, then analyse how important the equipment is for your business.
* Make the decision of what you are going to do long before it is needed, this will ensure minimal or even no down time.

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