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Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!

PUBLISHED 10 Jun 2014 AUTHOR High Profile Technologies Ltd CATEGORY
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head, shoulders, knees and toes, full body laser hair removal in just minutes 



The brand new InteliBrite IPL LiteFLO system means that ever more popular full body laser hair removal treatment is done in minutes, with no pain.

In recent decades body hair for both men and women has become less and less desirable.  This has led to more people choosing to have more and more hair removed than ever before.

In years gone by waxing was always the staple choice of hair removal for the masses – it was accessible, affordable and had many advantages over shaving or creams.


Then came the arrival of laser hair removal.  Too expensive and limited in availability, it was originally exclusively reserved for the rich.  Fortunately as technologies in laser hair removal advanced the machines became more commonplace and the treatments more affordable. 

Two problems remained, however – long, drawn out treatments and the pain caused to the client every time a shot of light was delivered to the body.

Obviously lengthy sessions involving pain are not most people’s idea of fun, so laser or IPL hair removal treatments had, for most people, just been used for smaller, isolated areas of hair growth. This led to a slow uptake of laser treatment from the rapidly growing number of clients who desired full body hair removal treatment. 


Fortunately, there’s now a treatment that offers all the benefits of light-based hair removal that’s sensationally rapid, but best of all - totally pain-free.


Called ‘LiteFLO’ technology this new innovation delivers IPL hair removal by skimming the handset gently over the surface of the skin.  This means that both large and small areas of unwanted hair are treated in minutes – a full body treatment is easily completed in less than a 1-hour session.

The timescale of each treatment is incomprehensible compared to traditional lasers and IPL machines that use ‘point and click’ treatment – the ‘LiteFLO’ technology makes treatments that these other machines offer look awkward and old-fashioned, the experience is also very different for the client.  As opposed to being awkwardly adjusted and asked to pose in unnatural positions for minutes at a time while shot-after-shot is delivered, with LiteFLO the client is free to relax while the handset glides smoothly across the skin.

 However, as mentioned above, the enormous benefit in terms of experience enhancement for a client is the total lack of pain involved in the LiteFLO’s treatment.


A ‘rubber-band-like-flick’ has been a long used phrase in the world of laser and IPL hair removal and is a generous understatement, to say the least. 


For those of us who have experienced traditional treatment the gritted teeth and baited breath between each shot is punctuated by something much less pleasant than a rubber band could ever inflict.

And that’s just on the less sensitive areas of the body – anything more intimate is a much less forgiving still!  This is the main reason, along with slow treatment sessions, that the uptake of full body laser hair removal treatment has been traditionally slow.

It’s common sense to think that if all of a sudden these treatments become painless, fast and convenient that all of a sudden IPL full body hair removal becomes a realistic option for the of scores clients who want it.

And that brings us to the LiteFLO.  Not only is it going to revolutionise the way that light-based hair removal treatments are carried out but it is also going to change the hair removal marketplace itself.

The number of people who want full body hair removal is not going to decrease – after all body hair isn’t going to become fashionable anytime soon – it’s going to keep increasing.  All of a sudden there’s a new machine on the market that means for once the treatment isn’t going to be a long-winded pain in the hair follicle. 

LiteFLO technology is exclusive to High Profile Technologies Ltd and is now integrated into the company’s InteliBrite brand of IPL hair removal and skin treatment devices.  Further information can be provided by the company via their website or by calling 01706 638 292.


intelibrite FLO ipl full body treatment in just 1 hour

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