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no pain but huge gain with the all new pain free waxing laser hair removal treatment


No one wants a painful laser and IPL hair removal, thanks to a new machine they don’t have to…

Pain has long been the main obstacle stopping clients who wanted to have IPL or laser hair removal treatments – everyone wants to be hair-free for good, but no one wants to be hurt in the process.

The pain, or even just the fear of it, has stopped huge numbers of people going ahead with what they say would be their most preferred method of unwanted hair removal.

It’s literally thousands of people every year who miss out on the benefits of being free of unwanted hair and thousands of appointments on IPL or laser hair removal machines that haven’t been booked.


Even those clients who feel brave enough and grit their teeth to get through a treatment aren’t coming back for more areas of treatment and they aren’t recommending the treatment to other people either.


Thousands of more treatments booked

It stands to reason, therefore, that if all of a sudden laser and IPL hair removal treatments were painless that there would be a massive increase in the booking of treatments.

This is where the new ‘LiteFLO’ technology is causing a sensation in the aesthetics industry – pain-free hair removal, with all the benefits of broad-spectrum treatment for enhanced hair removal, whose treatments take just a fraction of the time of the old-fashioned painful machines.


The first thing that you notice about the new LiteFLO technology that’s fitted to High Profile Technologies newest InteliBrite IPL devices is the way that it delivers the actual treatment, a new generation of treatment – ‘stop-start’ handsets are a thing of the past. Gone is the old-fashioned technique where the handset is held still on the skin to deliver a single flash of light then moved to the next patch – this slow, clunky method has been replaced by the LiteFLO’s gliding delivery.

The LiteFLO handset is placed gently on the skin and swiped along the whole length of the unwanted hair in one go - it’s that simple.  But best of all there is little or no feeling at all, nothing even close to the pain and none of the clichéd ‘rubber-band flick’ sensation we’re always told to expect.


So imagine that a client’s treatment is completed in just a few minutes and without any distress – a far cry from the usual prolonged pain and anxiety that’s the norm, this leaves the client with enough time for additional areas of treatment, which they’re obviously keen to go ahead with since they’ve not been asked to sit through shot after painful shot of light.


Bookings FLO-ing thick and fast


This new technology is just what the aesthetics market and clients have been crying out for – it’s set to be the future of hair removal, being both faster and much, much more pleasant.

The recent surge in popularity for full-body hair removal is going to further accelerate the usage of these devices – suddenly treatments that are pain-free and much more convenient with the InteliBrite LiteFLO means that no one is going to want the old-fashioned treatments.

This new development in the world of light-based hair removal is good news for all clients seeking the very best in treatments and for businesses keen to profit from operating the new style devices – but it’s very bad news for unwanted hair!




For further information about the exciting new LiteFLO InteliBrite IPL systems including treatment application, in-depth explanations about the new technology, training and technical support or anything else you need to know:

no pain but huge gain with the intelibrite flo ipl treatments

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