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 treo peel is a leading chemical peel machine delivering an amazing hydra dermabrasion treatment

The Original Cyclonic Chemical Peel 


Facial skin resurfacing combining chemical peeling, purification, high-nutrient hydration with hydro & contact dermabrasion.

No discomfort or downtime. 


More Affordable Than You Think


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Keeping our hands clean has become such a fundamental part of our lives. I have always been a bit of a stickler for keeping my hands clean and treating them to a luxury hand cream to soothe them and keep them hydrated. With Winter slowly creeping up...
Over the past couple of years, we've seen the cosmetics industry take a turn towards more natural and holistic methods of skincare. Instead of applying artificial chemicals, our skin, it seems much more sensible to use that which naturally occurs on ...
LiteFLO Pain-Free IPL Machine - the amazing next generation IPL SHR lasersHigh Profile Technologies Ltd (HPT) is proud to pioneer the future of intense pulsed light hair removal with its LiteFLO technology. Never before has it been possible to provi...
What Are Botox Injections?We've all heard of Botox, it's been around for ages. The treatment involves the injection of a neurotoxin called Botulinum into the skin. When done correctly, the neurotoxin paralyses facial muscles causing them to tig...
Nowadays you see so many machines that pride themselves with a multitude of wavelengths & capabilities. But what are the real advantages of using such different lasers & wavelengths?Manufacturers will tell you that specific waveleng...
Trying to establish yourself in the beauty industry, renting expensive equipment such as a diode hair removal laser, or even a traditional ipl machine, may seem like a great place to start. However, the truth is that the cost of renting a laser ...
The days are getting shorter; the night is creeping in earlier. There is a cold nip in the air, this all means that autumn is upon us.Everyone is putting on thicker clothing, covering up from head to toe.For those who are organised, they are planning...
Been to the recent beauty shows?Visiting beauty trade shows like 'Professional Beauty' & the 'Olympia Beauty' is a great way to see what all the biggest suppliers have to offer. These conventions are a fantastic way of networking your beauty busi...
​Here at HPT, we always love to recognise quality products.Nourisil works perfectly with the GLO Skin Rejuvenation range.Nourisil MD. A Silicone Gel for hypertrophic scars and skin rejuvenation. What is it and how d...

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