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    The Thermigen RF machine uses radio frequency for skin contouring and skin tightening
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    Thermigen SPA is a table top radio frequency beauty machine starting from The Thermigen PRO is a medical grade radio frequency beauty machine for stretch mark removal and collagenm stimulation
    IPL machine rental from £50 per week for salon professionals

    The Thermigen RF radio frequency machine delivers great results in collagen timulation beauty treatments and skin contouring treatments

    RF Radio Frequency beauty skin controuing treatment and skin tightening treatment
    Thermigen RF Results
    The Thermigen RF device and treatment is applied to a range of conditions on the face & body to provide fast, dramatic improvement. Visible results from the first application continue to be enhanced over the treatment course and beyond.

    Thermal Images
    Thermigen - how radio frequency treatments work? Skin at start >
    Using sophisticated thermal imaging equipment we can see the skin tissue appears blue at normal body temperature before treatment application.
    Thermigen - how radio frequency treatments work? After 1 minute >
    The thermal image clearly shows the skin tissue reacting to the RF energy. The red and yellow show an increase in tissue temperature and successful application of treatment.
    Thermigen - how radio frequency treatments work? After 6 minutes >
    The thermal image now shows a dramatic increase in tissue temperature as the treatment application continues. The tissue is sustained at this level
    providing dramatic, visible treatment results.
    Thermigen Technology
    Thermigen RF uses multi polar technology for fast and pain free collagen stimulation results
    Multi-polar >

    > iCycle for Pain Free IPL Treatments <
    Thermigen uses specialised hex-polar technology to give a rapid treatment for Radio Frequency beauty treatments
    Hex-polar >

    > InteliPulse for Custom Treatments<
    Thermigen RF uses a specialised technology known as multi-frequency
    Multi-frequency >

    > Single Second for Fast Treatments <
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