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The advanced technology of the InteliBrite professional intense pulsed light machines can be used to deliver a range of successful skin and hair treatments. These can be easily provided on the face or body, over a course of sessions. Improvement begins with the first IPL treatment and increases until the program is complete. Treatment is fast and results are long-term or permanent.


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pain free intense pulsed light hair reduction treatment


IPL Hair Removal

The most popular of all InteliBrite treatments. The hair follicle is targeted and destroyed by the light energy, regrowth is disabled. Skin is left smooth and free from hair.


intense pulsed light machine delivers professional results for melanin pigmentation


IPL Melanin Pigmentation

Melanin stains causing unwanted discolouration on the skin are targeted. Typical examples are sun damage, age spots, and freckles. The light energy destroys the pigmentation to leave clear, even skin tone.


professional cosmetic laser skin rejuvenation treatment for vascular pigmentation


IPL Vascular Pigmentation

Red blood cells causing blemishes in the skin tissue are targeted. Typical examples of conditions treated are spider veins and broken capillaries. Light energy destroys the pigment to remove the blemish from the skin.




Frequently Asked Questions
Intense Pulsed Light IPL Treatments


What is Intense Pulse Light?

This incredible new therapy is based on emitting high-intensity pulses of light to penetrate the skin. This allows such treatments as Hair Removal and Photorejuvenation to be performed.


How does IPL remove hair?

The Intense Light penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the Melanin in the hair. This absorption treats the hair, with the heat being transported to the nourishment structure of the hair (follicle). This is heated to 80°C for a millisecond, thus destroying the follicle. Hundreds of follicles are destroyed by each flash, and the hairs then fall out in 1-2 weeks.


Can all types of hair be treated?

The darker the hair, (the richer the melanin content), the better the result. White and red hairs cannot be removed using this method.


How does Pulsed Light act in Photo Rejuvenation?

IPL penetrates the skin and is then attracted by one of the chromophores and coloured particles. Light absorption causes the temperature to rise to such a degree that it will stimulate, destroy or sclerosis’ the target or adjacent tissue. Blemishes are removed or attenuated, the skin once more having a younger and more toned aspect, with lines and wrinkles being softened or virtually disappearing.


Can all skins be treated with Photo Rejuvenation?

All skin types contain Melanin, however, it is important that the skin is not too dark.


Is IPL treatment painful?

The sensation of pain is extremely variable from one individual to another. It also depends on the concentration of Melanin in the skin, hair size and hair density. This is why the darker the skin, the greater the sensation. It should be noted that a sensation of prickling may persist for 1-2 weeks after a session.


Are there any secondary effects?

In certain cases, there may be redness in the treated area, local oedema or perifollicular papullae (goose bumps). These effects will disappear several hours after the treatment, however in the majority of cases; there are no visible secondary effects.


How do we know if sufficient treatment has been given?

Hair Removal: In the majority of cases, there is no immediate visible effect. It is possible, immediately after treatment, to pull a hair using tweezers. If it can be removed without pulling on the skin, this is proof of a good result. Also if per-follicular papullae or redness appears around the hair follicle, this also indicated the treatment has been successful.

Skin Rejuvenation: In certain cases, results are immediately visible (Telangiectasia). In others, results will only begin to appear after a few hours and will only really become visible after approx. 10 days. Sometimes results are only visible after multiple sessions (3 or 4), but the client can tell that their skin texture and tone have improved.


How many sessions are necessary?

Hair: It is estimated that around 20% of hairs are in their growth phase at any one time. Normally 6 sessions should be recommended, however, this may alter.  (4-8 weeks apart)

Skin: The number of sessions depends on the nature of the lesions and their size. However, it is generally accepted that an average of 6 sessions gives a good result.

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