Key Features

specialised Intense Pulsed Light machine software
• High-Res. colour touch-screen
• InteliPulse software for millisecond waveform adjustment
• iCycle customisable skin cooling
• Client auto-configuration*
dedicated ipl machie hair removal applicator for the Intelibrite ipl
• High Performance Xenon unit
• Crystal coupling for high energy transfer
• Integrated digital and liquid cooling
• Side-shielded crystal to increase safety


intelibrite one from high profile technologies
• Multi-burst shot per second continuous delivery
• Twin capacitors for stable energy output
• Full recharge in less than 1 second
• Quadruple capacitors for ‘LiteFLO’ non-stop treatment*
laser hair removal treatment image
• Fast & simple to adjust and setup
• Superior technology for exceptional results
• Multiple safety features for both client and operator
• Comfortable treatment due to sophisticated energy delivery



Technical Details

Output - Energy Density: 10 - 50 J/cm2
Pulse Method: InteliPulse customisable waveform
Pulse Sequence: 1,2,3,4,5
Pulse Intermission: 5 - 60 ms
Pulse Width: 2 - 15 ms
Pulse Frequency: 0.3 - 1 Hz
Delivery System: Sapphire crystal coupling
Standard Output Spot: 8 x 40 mm2
Cooling System: iCycle liquid refrigerated, ram-air and semi-conductor
Cooling Range: -2 - 0 oC (user adjustable)
Power Supply: 220v/50Hz
Dimensions: 28 x 43 x 33 cm
Weight: 22 Kg



ipl applicator handset comes with a 30,000 shot  or 12 months guarantee from high profile technologies

InteliBriteONE IPL Treatments

The advanced technology of the InteliBrite can be used to deliver a range of treatments. Treatment can be provided on the face or body, over a course of sessions. Improvement begins from the first session and increases until the programme is complete. Treatment is fast and results are long-term or permanent.

• Permanent hair removal / reduction

The InteliBriteONE is a dedicated Hair Removal IPL Machine, using a single 640nm - 1200nm ipl hair removal handset to achieve the best results. Being pre-loaded with full treatment capabilities you can up-grade to the IPL Skin Rejuvenation 520nm - 1200nm applicator at any point.



intelibrite one ipl machine features

intelibrite one general maintanence

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