Machine Description

The ONE is a dedicated IPL hair removal machine, focused on delivering a single treatment as effectively as possible.

A compact case and dedicated handset are key features of this machine. The straight-forward design makes it a good choice for those new to IPL and aesthetic laser machines, or for experienced users adding a second ipl machine to their operation.

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System Features

• High-Res. colour touch-screen
• InteliPulse software for millisecond waveforms
• Advanced iCycle customisable skin cooling (-2oC)
• High Performance Xenon unit x 2
• Crystal coupling for high energy transfer
• Integrated digital and liquid cooling
• Side-shielded crystals to increase safety
• Multi-burst shot per second continuous delivery
• Twin capacitors for stable energy output
• Full recharge in less than 1 second
• Fast & simple to adjust and setup
• Superior technology for exceptional results
• Multiple safety features for client and operator
• Comfortable treatment due to sophisticated energy delivery



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The InteliPulse allows the user to shape the waveform of the shot of light, with millisecond accuracy. Firstly this allows the shot to be set to its optimum form having it’s best possible effect on the target. Secondly the waveform is adjusted to cause minimum effect on the surrounding tissue, aiding safety and comfort.


The iCycle system offers continuous cooling of the capacitors, the bulb and handset as well as the client’s skin. The skin temperature is reduced using cooling of -40C to protect it from reaching critical threshold. This allows more light energy to be delivered for a better effect on target, while aiding safety and comfort.

Single Second

The Tri capacitors of InteliBrite systems provide stable power, unlike a single capacitor system. By using the capacitors in sequence a stable, peak power shot of light is delivered every single second until treatment is complete. This allows faster treatment, more reliable results and increases reliability and safety of the device.



Technical Details

Output - Energy Density: 10 - 50 J/cm2
Pulse Method: InteliPulse customisable waveform
Pulse Sequence: 1,2,3,4,5
Pulse Intermission: 5 - 60 ms
Pulse Width: 2 - 15 ms
Pulse Frequency: 0.3 - 1 hz
Delivery System: Sapphire crystal coupling
Standard Output Spot: 8 x 40 mm2
Cooling System: iCycle liquid refrigerated, ram-air and semi-conductor
Cooling Range: -2 - 0oC (user adjustable)
Power Supply: 220v/50Hz
Dimensions: 28 x 43 x 33 cm
Weight: 22 Kg

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