Zap away terrible tattoos in a flash (and make big £££ money, fast)

The laser that works, but doesn’t cost the earth, surprising results are what it is about.

When it comes to laser medicine the most important questions is – ‘does it work?’.
If the answer is no, then say no more. Fortunately, when it comes to laser tattoo removal and the inkaway, the answer is a resounding YES!

PUBLISHED 18 Sep 2017

Hydro-dermabrasion & chemical peel machine

Many customers who opt for a chemical peel treatment or skin resurfacing treatment to get rid of unsightly blemishes such as scarring and acne or to reduce fine or deep lines could be doing more damage to their skin than they first thought.

Many will put up with the sunburnt, blistered skin for upwards of 14 days after treatment to achieve their goal of a more blemish-free face but there is a better, more delicate way to achieve the ultimate facial. 

High Profile Technologies Ltd presents the Treo Peel – a chemical peel, hydro-dermabrasion and skin resurfacing machine all in one. It is a fast and easy alternative for clients to achieve their goal, offering three 10-minute treatments to achieve the cleansing and purifying effects of a chemical peel with the gentleness of a hydro-dermabrasion treatment using three separate chemical treatments. Each session lasts only 30 minutes in total and will experience no downtime, no discomfort and no painful after-effects. 

PUBLISHED 17 Feb 2017

Hifu Anti-Aging & Hydro-dermabrasion Chemical Peeling Treatments

Many treatments and procedures are available for women to undergo and gain a more youthful appearance. A few of the more drastic procedures involve plastic surgery to tighten loose skin around the neck, eyes, or stomach. However, while many women are not against the idea of undergoing surgical facelifts and tummy tucks, other individuals prefer less invasive ways to improve their appearances and fight ageing.

Most women want to look their best when they go on holiday, meet up with old friends, or go out to celebrate a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day with their spouse.

They may try to lose weight so they look their best, particularly in a swimsuit or at a gathering with family or old friends. Many women may choose to have procedures done to tighten their skin and recapture their formerly sexy appearance.


PUBLISHED 22 Aug 2016

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You get what you pay for

It’s obvious isn’t it? 


Consistently, spoken among the cohorts of business success is the creed-like mantra that the quality of your product is often indicated by its price. In other words, you get what you pay for. Within the aesthetics industry, many salon and clinic owners are well supplied with diverse product ranges enabling them to achieve full earning potential.  Yet, businesses across the globe still fall into the snare like traps of the online marketplace - often leaving them with poor quality equipment, distant business relationships and even emptier pockets than when they started.


For any business owner, at times it can be very lonely role – feelings of vulnerability and uncertainty can sometimes inhibit our ability to make the best decisions possible when considering investment in new products and services.  As a Salon or clinic owner, at times you may have been tempted to opt for that rare online sale deal, where the face of the company is a typeface and some fancy html. Or wait, what about those multifunctional jack of all trade devices that masterfully excel in none but are offered at that hard to believe, strangely low cost. Hold on - you’ve found the product your after, its looks efficient and affordable but the company isn’t offering any existing customers for you to contact as a point of reference… And there is no indication that product training, follow up support and demonstrations are provided.


It’s all a bit overwhelming, unsettling and can leave you rethinking your original business plan.


PUBLISHED 17 May 2016


Why Dental Practices Should Diversify The Treatments They Offer


When you run a dental practice, you want to offer the best possible range of treatments for patients, and ideally you'd like as many people as possible coming through your door. While you may be working hard to offer the latest in dental treatments, from laser teeth whitening to invisible braces, you might be wondering whether there are any other areas where you can expand. That's why many dentists are now offering a range of aesthetic and laser treatments that are simple and highly sought after. Here are a few treatments that you could offer from your dental practice in order to boost your patient numbers.


PUBLISHED 05 Apr 2016

Tattoo Removal – The Hidden Costs

It seems as though everyone has a tattoo these days. However, not everyone is happy with their ink, something you surely know well. Whatever the client’s reason for having a tattoo removed, whether a poor choice or a poor job, you as a business owner must provide a service that delivers excellent results, meets their expectations (if not exceeds them) and results in favourable word-of-mouth recommendations for your clinic or salon.

Our popular laser tattoo removal machine delivers just that. Affordable and delivering a fast, powerful beam of light to a small target area to effectively remove unwanted ink, the inkaway Nd:YAG Laser is the laser tattoo removal machine you’ve been looking for.


PUBLISHED 11 Sep 2015

free your self from stubborn frozen fat and just let it go with isolipo cryolipolysis


Frozen Fat? Let It Go

Fat freezing may be new, but it’s proving immensely popular for a number of great reasons, most notably because it’s been proven to work wonders on stubborn fat.

Stubborn fat removal is fast becoming an industry in itself and our isoLipo machines are leading the way in the war against stubborn fatty deposits that traditionally prove difficult for women and men to remove themselves, even with a good diet and lots of exercise, the most commonly prescribed remedies for the reduction of stubborn fat. 

To help you understand the many benefits that our revolutionary isoLipo fat freezing machines have to offer your business and your clients, we have addressed some of our customers’ most commonly asked questions in this short yet informative article.

We hope it answers any questions that you may have about fat freezing techniques and our state-of-the-art isoLipo machines, however, if you have any further queries, or would like to arrange a demonstration so you can see first-hand how they work and what all the fuss is about, please get in touch with High Profile Technologies.


PUBLISHED 13 Aug 2015

 upgrade your salons old beauty equipment


At Last Beauty Salon Technology You Can Afford

Are you aware of just how affordable some of the most technologically advanced salon equipment is? Including the new Cryo isoLipo fat freezing systemsLiteFLO PAIN FREE IPL hair removal and Nd:YAG laser tattoo removal equipment.

Many salon owners struggle to purchase one of these machines, they feel they are out of reach, but due to a combination of technological advances and market demand, a state-of-the-art IPL hair removal machine or an Nd:YAG laser tattoo removal machine could be well within your financial reach. Although once prohibitively expensive, many amazing technologies are now far more affordable than ever – just look at the proliferation of smartphones now compared to ten or twenty years ago, prices have dropped and the technology has improved beyond what was thought possible. Equipment specifically designed to remove unwanted hair, tattoos or freeze fat cells, are no different whatsoever in this regard? Why not find out how affordable they are today?

PUBLISHED 31 Jul 2015


isoLipo – A New World of Fat Freezing

Fat freezing is a relatively new fat removal method, but if there’s one thing that’s undeniable about this ultra-effective non-invasive fat reduction technique, it’s that it delivers the results women want to see. So what is fat freezing, and how does this amazing technique work?

PUBLISHED 23 Jul 2015


Scrap your old salon equipment and update to the latest

High Profile Technologies (HPT) feel strongly about modernising the beauty and wellness industry. That’s why we’re rolling out a new scheme through which your beauty clinic can cash in on its outdated machinery and receive up to £1,000 toward the purchase of a state-of-the-art InteliBriteFLO IPL machine.

This is a great opportunity for beauty salons. We have found that many small operations simply do not have the cash flow needed to properly reinvest in their facilities. Routine bills and expenses make it difficult to afford substantial financial outlays like this.

Just take a moment to consider all of the routine expenses that your salon or clinic incurs:

* Supplies: In-house equipment, treatment accessories and an inventory of premium products to offer clients.

* Maintenance: Equipment, appliances and IPL machines all have to be maintained, repaired and ultimately replaced before they become obsolete.

* Marketing: Unless you channel significant energy, resources and capital into the promotion of your business, customers are much less likely to find your shop.

* Monthly Bills: This includes the general cost of renting a space and then of heating, cooling, cleaning, powering and ensuring it.

Needless to say, expenses add up, and small salon operators quickly find that they simply don’t have the cash on hand to upgrade old equipment. This is where HPT can help.

Upgrade Your Beauty Salon We work hard to understand the challenges faced by a small salon and clinic operators. In many cases, we find that older equipment tends to be pushed to the side, ultimately becoming an expensive ornament that only gets in the way and serves little (if any) purpose in the process.

Of course, salon operators have few options when their old equipment passes its use-by date. Usually, the best they can do is take it down to the local skip and pay to

have it recycled, but that takes time and even costs money. Otherwise, their only choice is to allow it to continue to clutter their workspace and collect dust.

But now with this offer from HPT, you can receive up to £1,000 for equipment that you would have otherwise had to pay to get rid of. Whether the equipment is lightly used, obsolete or even broken, we’ll take it off your hands. The only stipulation is that your company must be its sole owner, with no outstanding financial obligations attached to it.

Then you can put the £1,000 you receive toward the purchase of a new hair removal machine that uses our pain-free LiteFLO technology. Normally, we can place this machine in your shop for as little as £50 per week. But under this new scheme, you can get rid of your old equipment and start using one of our new IPL hair removal machines instead. It’s a high value-for-money offer.

Connect with HPT via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to learn more about offers like this one. And if you have any questions, feel free to consult our website or get in touch with us directly by calling 01422524006.

PUBLISHED 10 Jul 2015

New for Old on all beauty products

Trade in an old beauty machine for up to £1000 discount off a new product for High Profile Technologies.

 High Profile Technologies have now released a new scheme for all salons & clinics to cash in there old beauty machines for up to £1000 against a purchase of a new product.

We feel strongly in modernising the industry, older equipment tends to be pushed to the side and becomes an expensive ornament. The options are usually to take them down to the local skip and pay for them to be recycled or to just leave them in a corner / box room. Instead of this HPT (High Profile Technologies) will give you up to £1000 for the same equipment which you would have to pay for disposal. The scheme applies to all used, broken, old or new equipment if it be from the UK or overseas, the only condition is that you or your company are the sole owner of the equipment and that you have no financial commitment relating to the equipment, we will require a form to signed stating that you are free from any such obligations.

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